Enchanting the World Together

20140623_143417The world is a very enchanting place, a marvelous wondrous playground.

The picture to the right shows a scene from one of our adventures in 2014 when my boys and Iย were climbing up to an old fortress in Nagold Germany, which lies on the edge of the Black Forest. ย I’ve been so fortunate to see many beautiful places in the world with my family, friends and through work.

I’ve ย seen enough of the world to know that there are many places on our planet that are very much in need of more enchantment.

My continued goal with this site is to offer up ideas and conversation in this blog on what we can do to sustain that which is good, true and beautiful in the world and enchant those places and people that could use some help.

Working together, we can enchant the world and be enchanted by it as well!

32 thoughts on “Home”

  1. i know i already visited and liked but i popped back to say i love that photo! i would love to go somewhere like those trees are majestic and if i were able to travel i would visit in a second i can imagine a whole little home, a hobbit home, in one of those trees it must be wonderful being a kid growing up there
    ok those cakes wont bake themselves so i am off to bake have a wonderful day lovely, hugs from a very wet and windy north england x x


  2. Well I am very pleased that I have discovered this blog. I will be returning from time to time because I think I can draw some inspiration for my own writing from yours. I do personal journaling on my blog from time to time and I like the way you present it here. By the way thank you for visiting us over at “American Liberal Times.” I am honored that you stopped by and please visit with us often.


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