We sometimes forget to see the signs of enchantment all around us. This wonderful poem from Source of Inspiration is a great reminder to open our eyes!

Source of Inspiration

Did you see God dressed as
a humming bird today or were
you too busy? Were the tiny
mushrooms tucked into the
raindrops ignored or did
you stop to see their splendor?

We cry that God has abandoned
us in the world of woe, but then
fail to see how our skies are filled
with painted rainbows, puffy clouds
and sunsets of roses.

I smelled the fragrance of the
tropical rain and knew that God
had passed this way. A tiny spider
spun a golden web that glistened
in the morning dew. And then a
humming bird took a sip of nectar
from a nearby flower and I knew
that I was seeing God in one of
His many forms and felt a peace
that was filled with love.

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