Working with Your Ideals

Working with Your Ideals

writingyourdestinybookcoverMany years ago in the early 1990’s I read about the practice of writing ideal life statements, and I created one for myself.  Within about 5 years of creating that first statement, most of the goals on that statement had become a reality.  At other times, I’ve created similar pages, and have seen amazing results with this process.  In my book, Writing Your Destiny, I call this one page document, a destiny scene.  I’ve heard many other people describe a similar process of writing down an ideal day of your life or how you would like to live.  For many people, this is a powerful practice for making intentions and understanding your own dreams.  You might be at a time in your life where this process could help you now.

The problem with creating a destiny scene is that sometimes our ideals are too small or superficial.  My experience in working with my own ideals and others is that our soul’s desires are sometimes different from those of our ego or projected desires of our society or culture.  Sometimes we receive what we think we wanted and find it isn’t as meaningful as we expected.  Other times, we receive something greater that we couldn’t have imagined.

Over time, I’ve noticed that most of us need a way of looking at our actions holistically. In 2008, I created a very simple tool, that I call a sustaining story wheel.  My early work with this tool was primarily aimed for transforming green businesses addressing global environmental and social needs.  I realized it also worked for individual transformation.

Sustaining Story Wheel
Sustaining Story Wheel

The primary objective with a sustaining story wheel is to emphasize more than just the goal or need an organization or person is trying to address.   The most important aspect of transformational success is often the part dismissed as superficial, and that piece is the style in which we act.

By style, I mean the culture we choose to create in organizations that we lead or how our personal energy affects others. We have the power to choose how we feel and the style in which we act to a much greater degree than many of us realize.  In my estimation, this is the part of the law of attraction that is most powerful.  The feelings we choose to emphasize get amplified in every aspect of our lives.

This doesn’t mean we don’t feel sadness or grief or anger when tragedy or failure occurs.   However, it does mean in the most trying and difficult times of our lives, we can choose a style of grace, peace and kindness over bitterness, blame and hate.

Transforming our style of living is one of the issues we are collectively addressing on a global level in 2013.  It’s not what you do in the next year that matters, as much as the emotional style in which we do it.  If you want to blossom and be a source of enchantment for others in the next year, you might want to take some time and ask the following questions.

Today’s Contemplation:

What style of living do you embody?  Are you kind, cantankerous, graceful, mean-spirited, loving, or perhaps all of these?

How would you like to feel in 2013 and beyond?

From this moment forward, what choices could you make to feel the way you want to feel while maintaining kindness, respect and love for others?

10 thoughts on “Working with Your Ideals

  1. This is an appropriate post to read this morning as I’m feeling my kids do no show kindness or grace when stressed, rather they get bitter. I must try to model grit and resilience even as my kids drive me crazy, prompting me to be reactive rather than proactive. Thanks for theses thoughts. The emotional climate is very important!


    1. Thanks for your comments. My kids are my greatest teachers and greatest challenges. Being a parent requires so much patience at times. Your children sound similar to mine. 🙂 It can be difficult to maintain a warm and relaxed emotional climate, and this time of year can be very stressful. Wishing you and your family many beautiful and grace-filled moments during the holidays and in the next year! Karen


  2. Your e-book looks great. I love writing out ideal life statements. The more you write them, the more you escape the small scenarios and the big dreams that were never consciously considered start to reveal themselves. It is always an uplifting process.

    This leads to your idea of style. It is so true. As you know I am facing some challenging moments in my life at the moment and yet I am having the time of my life. I am choosing to enjoy myself in the moment rather than fear the future. It seems that in the moment there is an infinity to enjoy.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments. It’s amazing in a way that we can still experience good feelings and even bliss when we’re going through challenging times. Tapping into the infinity of the moment is becoming easier for me, as I work with it. I am glad to hear that you’re finding a way to move through your challenges with joy and grace. I do hope that conditions become easier for you soon. May you experience the best that life has to offer in the coming days and the year ahead! 🙂


    1. Thank you. I have moved most of my posts from Writing Your Destiny to this one about a month ago. I’m so glad that you came with me! 🙂 I will still write a few on WYD, but this is my main home now.
      Have a wonderful holiday season!


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