What’s Your Quest This Year?

What’s Your Quest This Year?

green boat picture from istockphotoI’m a strong advocate of setting goals and going on quests.  Just because the age of chivalry passed several hundred years ago, does not mean that we are not capable of undertaking adventures for the honor of challenging ourselves.

For the last ten years, I’ve been on a quest to discover how make my life and that of my children enchanting despite the fact that we live in a world that is sometimes dangerous, violent, unjust and unfair.  My family has been fortunate in so many ways. Each of us has our own enchanting quest(s) this year.

There is so much more for each of us to learn on this earth in which we share and so many ways to improve how we live.  I remember Martin Luther King Jr. who gave his life so that more of us could live a better dream.

I’m sure you’ve found your own secrets to enchanted living. This year I’m trying a different approach to personal transformation that is aligned with natural cycles of expansion and contraction.

During this next week, I’ll be sharing my approach that I call working with the seven elixirs of transformation.  I touched upon this approach last year in my other blog, Writing Your Destiny.  In 2012, I modified my thinking about personal and business transformation as I expanded my understanding of energy cycles of expansion and contraction.

If you feel inclined, I would love to hear about any quests that you are undertaking in 2013. Here’s to happy questing for us all!

Today’s Contemplation:

Would creating an adventure or quest for yourself add some much needed enchantment to your life?

Or conversely, do you have too many quests and could benefit from focusing on one or two areas of transformation in 2013?

12 thoughts on “What’s Your Quest This Year?

  1. I think this year could be full of quest, and adventures for me. I just wish I could get some more people around me motivated to participate. I actually picked up an application to sing at my church (that could be scary) and have began another adoption.


    1. That’s a very exciting quest – another adoption! I hope you will many wonderful adventures this year and convince some people around you to come along for the fun of it! 🙂


  2. I’m not sure I am really on a quest beyond really embracing the idea of living in a more exuberant state of gratitude. That has come to me slowly over time as the “quest” for 2013. I’m really looking forward to what you will be sharing!


  3. mmm. I think I do benefit from a quest – the 40 days of yoga was awesome! So this year, for the first time i will have both children at school. I have my media and communications course to finish and I have a job to find. I thought I might play around with our living dynamics as well, just for fun 😉


  4. Eventhough I’ve got several ideas brewing, my true quest, NOW that you mention it is to STRENGTHEN THE BOND (love, faith, trust) my husband and I are FINALLY enjoying despite the distance (with him still living in Mexico City and my children and I back home- a three and a half hour plane trip)… I feel it’s the most important thing I can do, under the circumstances, to keep the sense and sentiment of family alive in my children’s hearts…


    1. That’s a beautiful quest, and I’m sure not always an easy one. Thank you for reminding me how often we forget that there is a quest involved in maintaining love and kindness.
      Alexandra, I hope the bond between you and your husband grows ever stronger and all your other quests prove to be delightful this year! Much love to you and your family, Karen


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