Transforming Our Lives with the Cycles of Nature

Transforming Our Lives with the Cycles of Nature

Solstice Sunset
Solstice Sunset (Photo credit: mystuart)

As we move into the last part of January, I’d like to share a way of working with natural cycles of transformation that I’ve been developing over the last few years as an accompaniment to working with our personal and business stories.  I’m calling this process working with the seven elixirs of transformation.

When we classically envision making changes in our lives, whether in business or personal, we tend to focus on the linear change, we’ d like to see.  More profits, new products, losing weight, new romantic partners, new car.  Name the change you want to make and there usually is a linear component to it.   Having a baby has a linear component of particular growth during the nine or so months of gestation of the baby.

So much of us are looking for steps to take to make our dreams a reality.  I believe this kind of change is good.  But that tends to answer the question of what we do.

How we do things in life is more about our energy, moods, thoughts and feelings.  As we all know, “progress” in the how we live is generally not linear.  We don’t have many templates on how to navigate through cyclical change. As I was thinking about this, and how nature works, I came up with the idea of working with nature’s cycles and the ways society used to consciously and unconsciously work with the natural alignments around the seasons.

Français : Elixir de renaissance, art numerique
Français : Elixir de renaissance, art numerique (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I wanted to share with you the broad outlines of the seven elixirs of transformation.  I’m focusing on six different processes and one overriding elixir, I am now calling singing your song.  The cycle of change is focused around the two solstices and equinoxes, and to me is very practical.

The monthly part of this is perhaps a bit artificial, but it works with today’s system of measuring time.  The January cycle of change is in reaction to the cycle of the previous December.  This works for both the Northern and Southern hemisphere, but in different ways.

  • January – purification
  • February – warming
  • March – attracting
  • April – blossoming/harvesting
  • May – cooling
  • June – rejoicing
After the summer solstice, the energy consciousness cycle repeats:
  • July – purification
  • August – warming
  • September – attracting
  • October –  blossoming/harvesting
  • November  – cooling
  • December  – rejoicing

The point is to notice the predominant natural energies that support different kinds of change in different months.  Of course, you could have a year or decade that is focused on purification, rejoicing, etc.  Yet, there are rhythms to life if we look for them.

I’m in the experimental stages with this approach to transformation, and will be writing about the seven elixirs of transformation at least once each month.  Hope you enjoyed this brief overview.

Today’s Contemplation:

Have you ever tried to align changes in your life with the seasons or solstices?  How did that work for you?

Are you aware of the natural energies of change that could support positive change in your daily life?

10 thoughts on “Transforming Our Lives with the Cycles of Nature

    1. Barbara, thanks so much for your comment! Since I’ve worked with transformational processes for in one way or another for so much of my career, I thought it would be interesting to share how my views and practices around transformation have changed with time and experience.
      I believe if we can work with the cycles of nature more deeply, we can increase the enchantment factor in all aspects of our lives! 🙂


  1. Thank you for this post! I will try to follow your lead and align the changes I want to create in my life with nature and keep reading what you have to say about this theme :)!


  2. Oooh, I like this…I won’t analyze it…it is just magical and natural at the same time…I’ll wait for you explanations and guidance… So, for now, January’s nature was towards purification (looking at it from an uninformed point of view: January does give us the chance to purify our bodies from all the excesses that December might have brought… Over-buying, over-eating, over-drinking…) so very interesting Karen…today you have taught me something I did not know before, Thank you, Alexandra


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