Working With Our Natural Warmth

Working With Our Natural Warmth

English: Chicks in the warmth of their mother
English: Chicks in the warmth of their mother (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d like to build upon my last post and talk about some of the energies we have been working with in January, and could choose to work with in February.

Today is the last day of January, so it’s a good time to look at changes that happened for you in the last month.

It’s my theory that January tends to be a month where the predominant energy is purification. This is mostly due to human responses to the energies of the seasons that have developed over thousands of years.

Most of us probably did at least some purification in January, just as the seasons purify nature.  Many of us also gave up on our New Year’s resolutions by now.  How was January for you?

Whether January was amazing or disappointing, I suggest focusing on a different kind of energy in February.

What I’d like to suggest is that most of us fall short in our resolutions that we set in January partially because we are focused on only the purifying aspects of change — what we have to let go of, what we have to sacrifice.  It’s not healthy to stay in an energetic state of purification at all times.  In fact, it can be as dangerous to be cleansing ourselves too much as too little. If you look at nature, there is a balance of growth, cleansing, creation and destruction.  We can learn from the cycles we see.

As a counterbalance to the purifying impulses we have in January, we need warming. In the Chicago area where I live, we literally need warming in our homes and lives.  If you live in the southern hemisphere however, you may be in the midst of extreme warmth. The warming I’m talking about in February is about our energetic state.  Nature has set it up perfectly that we have opportunities to understand the need for warmth in our lives.  We also have the need for warmth in our human connections.

Now that you’ve purified yourself to some extent in January, how could you warm yourself up for the goals you have in your life?

My suggestion for you as we head into February is to focus on warming yourself, your loved ones, your clients and your colleagues and basically anyone you encounter. February is a month where it makes sense to focus on the heart-felt reasons we have for changing.  It is easy to give up on goals, if we’re only focused on purification. And without a warm and kind energy, achievement of our life goals means very little.

February is a great time to nurture yourself and those around you.  Notice how nature works with warmth, whether it’s very cold or very warm where you live, natural creatures find shelter.

We are all centers of warmth for the world.  Consider sharing your warmth in February!

Today’s Contemplation:

Did you notice any purification of yourself (or others) in January?

Are you losing focus on your resolutions or goals for 2013?

How could a focus on the warmth help you to move forward with your goals during February rather than giving up?

10 thoughts on “Working With Our Natural Warmth

  1. Thank you, Karen! Perfect timing. I’m in the process of jotting down goals for the month of February. I love the idea of sharing and spreading warmth. Back to my notebook. . . Thanks for the much needed inspiration! T.


  2. I feel like Jan. started good, but is ending in some kind of funk. It’s been a terribly long month for me. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I will feel restored!


  3. Thank you very much Karen!!! This is exactly what I needed to read today. You have given me part of answer that I’ve been looking the whole week. Now I feel with energy to continue creating and achieving my dreams! All the best for you!!!


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