Reclaiming Heaven

Reclaiming Heaven

magnolia branchToday’s blog is a continuation of our ongoing discussion about how to work with natural cycles to make the most of our enchanting adventure through life.

What would you say is the most enchanting adventure that we all experience?

You might feel it’s finding and feeling bliss.  Maybe the bliss of childhood.  Or meeting the love of our life. Or having your first child. Or some other joyous event.

However, my experience is that reclaiming heaven after a hellish period of our lives is more enchanting.  I am inspired this week to write about our personal and collective journeys through hell by a re-reading of Martha Beck’s book, Finding Your Way in a Wild World.

If we think about it, the journey to and through hell and back, is something that most of us will have to experience if we are to grow, mature and flourish through life.  Martha Beck reminds us that our journeys through hell are often what make us great candidates for what she calls menders and wayfinders.

My perception is that almost anyone who reads this blog routinely is definitely a mender or wayfinder.  So, I wanted to reach out to you with some perhaps new perspectives for you on the journeys through your life that have made you unquestionably special and gifted.

In my last blog, I wrote about how February is a great month for choosing to be kind and nurturing.  One of the reasons I believe that is because February can often be a hellish month from a seasonal perspective.  Here in the northern hemisphere, it can be hellishly cold, gray and dreary.  Our neighbors to the south often experience their own special challenges.

This is not to say that February needs to be hellish, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Mardi Gras, the beginning of Lent with Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day are observed in this month.  February helps us to remember that our lives can be short and dreary, but we have the choice to celebrate our abundance and love as well.

This is a perfect month to reclaim heaven for yourself and for the people you love and serve in your life.

Today’s Contemplation:

Do you see yourself as a mender and wayfinder?

How have your difficult experiences helped you to become a warmer and kinder person?

5 thoughts on “Reclaiming Heaven

  1. I’m having a hard time lately, it’s hard to stay positive, once I get into a good state of mind something new happens to throw it off.


    1. I’ve had times like that too. I’ll share some of the ideas that Martha Beck recommends for that kind of situation this week, because you’re sharing one of the big challenges I think we all have of finding a way to stay in our zone of bliss and groundedness. Karen


  2. I love those words, Karen! Mender and Wayfinder. I’ve never thought about it before with this clarity, but yes, those words absolutely fit me. Because I am such a seeker, others needing support often come to me to help them in their path. Helping and sharing with others also reinforces my personal values and beliefs, so there is an on-going synchronicity. I do love the words! 🙂 Feburary isn’t quite as harsh in Souther California, but there is a distinct lack of our usual sunshine and more indoor activity, which often depletes my energy a bit. I’m very interested in the Martha Beck book. I love the direction you took today. oxo


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