Remembering Adventures with Trees

Remembering Adventures with Trees

alexandnick in a sequoiaI’ve been inspired to remember some of my adventures with trees lately.

A friend of mine, Claire Woolley, recently started an organization called Add a Tree to promote urban tree planting.  She certainly is one inspiration.

Claire and I worked together closely on developing a green business program for the City of Chicago several years ago.  Claire has been involved in all types of environmental work over the years and I’m very blessed and happy to be her friend.

among the redwoodsThe other inspiration is my son Nicholas who is doing a school report on Sequoias.  In the process of typing his report with him, I came across several photos from our time on a trip to national parks in California when my kids were several years younger than they are now.

Taking a vacation to see trees is one of my favorite things to do.  Here are my boys next to General Sherman in Sequoia National Park.  To support his project, we bought a sequoia plant.  It’s beautiful and I hope we can grow it here in Illinois. Not sure if we have the right climate for these beauties.

I’ve also become aware of the work of the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive which is trying to find ways to grow sequoias in other locations due to the possible threat of their extinction due to climate change.  It would certainly break my heart if these ancient giants were allowed to go extinct.

This quote is from their website:

Earth Day 2013 represents a turning point not only for Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, but also for the world. This Earth Day, Archangel has released into the world its collection of clones from the greatest coast redwood trees that have ever lived in an historic first ever global planting of champion coast redwoods to begin to rebuild healthy forests.

The coast redwood clones will be planted at nine locations on Earth Day in seven countries: Germany, Ireland, Wales, England, New Zealand, Australia, and in the United States -California and Oregon. Locating these trees in multiple locations worldwide will help to ensure their chance of long-term survival in the face of climate change.

From the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Facebook page
From the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Facebook page

I hope you will take some time to think about your enchanting adventures with trees of all shapes and sizes on Earth Day (April 22).

Happy Earth Day to you all!

Daily Contemplation:

Many of us are still doing what we can to mitigate against climate change.  Are you doing anything to help protect those beings and creatures on this planet who need our help to survive through climate change?

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  1. Aren’t the Sequoia’s just amazing, Karen? I love them, too! We’re hoping to make another trip to the National Park this summer. I get all emotional around these trees, too. Propagating seedlings and planting trees is a wonderful Earth Day experience. Earth Day should be celebrated every day–I’m sure you agree! 🙂


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