Completing a light cycle

Completing a light cycle

Summer natureWe are finishing a light cycle this Friday on the solstice.  Here where I write in the northern hemisphere, the light will shine longest on the upcoming summer solstice.  In the southern half of the world, light will reach its shortest expression.

And then the cycles reverse again.

As I wrote earlier this year in January, we all get the opportunity to experience two different kinds of light cycles.  One where our days of sunlight are lengthening and one where the daylight is diminishing.

June like December is often a month centered around the celebration of light.  The solstices in these months are pivot points in our yearly dance of light and darkness.

This is a natural time to celebrate whatever accomplishments that have come your way either through your own effort or grace or both.  Take some time this week, especially on the solstice to see the cycles of life around you, affecting your life.

Look at what is increasing and decreasing.

As we learn to see and feel how we fit into the rhythms of life, transformation can become a source of awe and delight.

Today’s Contemplation:

How can you celebrate this last six month cycle of light and life?

6 thoughts on “Completing a light cycle

  1. There was a night that the moon was full, and supposed to be close to the earth, me and one of my friends tried to sit quietly in the dark that night, after we had the really long conversation about life, religion, conspiracy, and government. It was a weird, but good night, I wonder if the moon is tied into the solstice too?


    1. Aaron, the solstice and supermoon felt connected this year to me. I read a few astrologers who wrote about that weekend as an auspicious time for new beginnings.
      Generally, I like to make intentions of what I’d like to happen in the next 6 months on each of the solstices. I’m not sure the intentions always work, but I enjoy the magical feeling of the solstices anyway. 🙂


  2. Gina, thanks for stopping by. I’ve been enjoying your posts about greening our lifestyles lately and today’s about holding on to hope and faith. Blessings to you too! Karen


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