Managing a Time of Transition

Managing a Time of Transition

green meadowHow was your summer this year?  Mine was bookmarked by big transitions, mostly other people’s.

The summer began with attending the funeral of a beloved aunt in June, in July I helped a client finish a book and assisted my mother in preparing to sell her house in San Antonio so she can move into a guest house at my brother’s new home.   In early August, my ex-husband underwent quadruple bypass open heart surgery, which was a surprise.  And that meant that I had to handle much of getting my oldest son ready to start high school, and my youngest son to start middle school.

In a lot of ways, summer felt very much out of my control, and was an exercise in persistence and patience.

The_Moon_Meets_The_S_Cover_for_KindleI did finally publish the book that I wrote for my son, The Moon Meets the Sun in You last week.  We ended up going for a different look for the cover, which you can see here.

I meant to blog more excerpts of this book this summer, but it got a bit crazy with work and personal transitions.  So, hopefully, I’ll be sharing more of this book in September.


Today’s Contemplation:

Are you in the middle of a time of transition or someone else’s?










12 thoughts on “Managing a Time of Transition

  1. I feel like everyone I know has gone through a lot this summer, I haven’t been able to blog as much either, just getting on here to read everyone’s.


    1. Best wishes that your long transition brings enchanting results for you!

      For the first time in a long while this year hasn’t been a big transitional year for me, though it has been for many around me. I’ve been rather happy for the steadiness in my life.

      However, I have a feeling a major transition is coming for me in the next year, and like yours it make take a while to get through it! 🙂


  2. Your situation sounds more difficult than mine. I’m very impressed by how you have been holding everything together in this last year. Thank you Alexandra for the virtual hug. I really appreciate it! And take care of yourself too. I hope there is magic when your husband comes back home! The best to you, my friend. Karen


  3. Oh YES!!! My husband is coming back to work at our hometown in a few weeks… My children and I have been mostly alone this past year (it’s kind of always been like that, my husband’s work in government has no office hours, or better said, it takes up all the hours as office hours)…anyway, you know so well how this is Karen, you get your schedule going: mom+children… and you make it work and everyone’s doing great, and suddenly in comes dad, who we absolutely love and miss and want home… it is going to be a huge “exercise in persistence and patience” as you well say! I hope to post about it soon because I need to vent…jajaja… Not fun when summer vacations don’t bring the rest we so look forward to and need… just take care of yourself my dear friend..big hug, alexandra


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