Midweek Humor

Midweek Humor

This is a really funny blog, and I always think it’s enchanting to have a good laugh!


I found this posted near campus. Sometimes it just feels good to laugh.

Half-eaten biscuit

Found: Half-Eaten Biscuit

A half-eaten (now stale) biscuit was found last Thursday on the arm of my sofa. The apartment doors were locked, my roommates were asleep, and I lay on the couch asleep so the question that must be answered is: Who the hell placed this biscuit on the arm of the sofa?

Please relay any information concerning the origins, nature, and ownership of this half-eaten (now stale) biscuit to the following number. xxx-0595.

Reward. We’re not offering cash. Just $3.00 dining dollars. And a pencil.

Hope this gave you a midweek chuckle. It did me.

Every survival kit should include a sense of humor.  ~Author Unknown

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