Warmth Without the Weight

Warmth Without the Weight

An abundance of vegetablesHappy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends! We’re getting ready for our yearly day of feasting, family and gratitude for all the blessings we have.

This year, we’re trying something new at our home. Instead of gorging ourselves for one day, we’re spreading the feast out over three days, and enjoying little extra luxuries so that we enjoy the spirit of Thanksgiving without putting undo pressure to eat way more than we need to eat on one day of the year.

Our goal is to experience the warmth of the holiday without adding extra weight.  I’m so proud of my sons for wanting to eat well without overeating.  So, I’m off to bake a turkey and other food today that we will celebrate sharing over three days instead of one.   Last night, I made enough leek and potato soup yesterday for a few days.

We will still say some special words of thanksgiving tomorrow, but so often, we put too much pressure on one or a few days of the year to be special, when our whole lives are blessed.

Another thing my kids and I have done is make sure that we more people can experience abundance by donations to our local church, the Salvation Army and Heifert International.  We donate food throughout the year, but at this time of year, it feels especially good to be generous.  It seems wrong to celebrate a holiday of abundance without doing something to increase the abundance for everyone.

May we create a world very soon, where every day all people live in peace, safety and comfort with enough delicious food to sustain us.  May we also care for all life on our planet, the plants and animals that allow us to live and hopefully thrive.

Wherever you are in the world, I am thankful for what you do to create a more just and loving world!  And may you experience all the warmth of the holidays without the weight of any burdens at all!

2 thoughts on “Warmth Without the Weight

  1. What a beautiful message and goal. You always make me proud to know you and to be human. I love the idea of spreading, sharing the abundance and remembering why – over several days. What an awesome plan. I surely missed you too. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season!


    1. Thanks Eliz!
      It’s been a fun experiment to spread the feast over several day. We’ve been eating less and appreciating our food more. For the first time, I made a quiche and my boys loved it. So, it’s been an enchanting adventure.

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m so happy that I’ve come to know you through blogging. You’re one of the reasons that I keep on blogging! 🙂



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