Celebrating the Solstice and the Benefits of Imbalance

Celebrating the Solstice and the Benefits of Imbalance

Today, I celebrate the wonderful imbalance of fun that I’ve had with my boys over our years together. Here they are hiking at Lassen National Park in California a few years ago.

We live in a time of great imbalance, and many of them are dangerous to us.  Our New Year’s resolutions often deal with creating a better balance somewhere in our life. I have a sense that a big theme for 2014 is going to be about restoring balance in our lives in new ways. Yet, today I want to discuss the benefit of imbalance.

Nature shows us every year that imbalance is also natural.  Every year, we move through times of greater light or darkness, and reach points of extremes each solstice.  Moving between seasons of more and less darkness is natural.  Yet, never in these seasons of imbalance, do we lose all of our light.  The sun keeps on shining, we just change our ability to receive the sunlight.

It’s interesting that around these natural times of imbalance we humans like to celebrate.

Today let’s take some time to truly enjoy the enchantment that comes with aligning with natural imbalance.

For those of us where this day is the darkest day of the year, let’s relax and slow down.  If you’re in the southern hemisphere, enjoy all the light you are getting today!

Celebrate any imbalances in love, peace, generosity, and abundance that you have.  Share some of that imbalance if that feels right and good for you.

Happy solstice!

Today’s contemplation:

What imbalances in your life are naturally serving you well?

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