Creating a World of Sustainable Abundance

Creating a World of Sustainable Abundance

A few days ago, I happened across links to a political test.  I took the test with results that put me into a quadrant (on the left) which was inhabited by the likes of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.  I’m not sure what that means for me.

Deep down, I believe that most of us seek sustainable abundance.  We want to experience the best life has to offer, and maintain a beautiful world. We also know it’s easy to have ideals, it’s much more difficult to live them.

It turns out that in the political test I took, Obama’s  and Clinton’s policies  were in the same quadrant shared by Mitt Romney and many conservative political thinkers and so-called liberals.  In a lot of ways, America expects its leaders to be  authoritative, conservative of the status quo, and frankly secretive. Perhaps, it’s not surprising that the Obama administration ended up employing drones,  bailing out big business, engaging in secret wire tapping, and increased oil drilling in America.  We expect a certain kind of abundance in America, and our way of making it sustainable has often come through independent brute force and an emphasis on military might.

The kind of sustainable abundance I seek is open, just, good for our environment, and cooperative. It seems to me that Mandela  learned something about creating sustainable abundance in his lifetime.  South Africa was able to flourish when he was President because he understood that we all must win and compromise for new ways of living to emerge.

It seems to me that the Democrats were trying to create a sustainable healthcare system, and were to afraid to seek abundance for the poorest Americans.  I do think the affordable care act helped many people, including me because of a pre-existing condition that I have. I found to be very disappointing to work with, and limiting.  My biggest complaint about Obamacare is that it is based on cultural ideas that income should dictate who receives the most abundance.  In this case, the government will supply millions of people with far from adequate healthcare coverage with Medicaid.  I’d like to see excellent health care options for free for everyone because I think that would help businesses as well as individuals.  We need to find a way to make  universal healthcare sustainable, rather than expanding sustainable poverty as the current system does.

Sustainable abundance is something I’ll be writing about in 2014 because it’s not only desirable, but it’s also possible and needed.

Today’s contemplation:

Do you think everyone deserves to experience sustainable abundance or just those that deserve it?

4 thoughts on “Creating a World of Sustainable Abundance

  1. I think the majority of us would be happy, but the big business men of corporate America who end up taking pay cut might get grumpy and throw their weight around. I can’t figure out Obama Care, being self employed I don’t have to have it for another year. My Lil Fella is on Medicaid automatically, something about being adopted you get to keep it. I’ve tried applying for more assistance but it’s such a pain in the @$$ that I just assume do with out. I might give it another try sometime tho.


    1. Well, I can’t say that I blame you for waiting. I tried out the system in early December and it was a mess. I ended up buying my own insurance rather than go through the healthcare marketplace, but I’m still pleased with being able to get insurance after having a pre-existing condition. So, I don’t want to complain too much about the system. I only hope it improves significantly.


  2. I am really interested to see where you take us with the dialogue surrounding sustainable abundance, Karen. I haven’t had to figure out Obama Care from the inside out as you have, so as I listen to all arguments in support and the even greater outcry from those who are firmly against implementation I just get confused! I do believe we need something! If long ago there had been checks against corporate insurance greed perhaps private insurance would have been affordable and businesses could have continued to offer health insurance as a benefit to employment.

    I would love to think that everyone is worthy of the best care possible. I am afraid that in the United States everything is bought and sold, and the idea of sustainable abundance for everyone on an equal basis is unlikely to be legislated. Everything is tiered! I do think we have the responsibility to advocate for better, however. I am really interested in your ideas, Karen. I find it all very overwhelming, and it pleases me very much to hear your concerns. Maybe I’ll learn something!


    1. Debra, you bring up a good point. The whole healthcare issue is very confusing. While I have my own ideals about what I’d like to see in this area, and don’t like the Obamacare implementation in many ways, I’m hoping that it the affordable care act be a step in the right direction, in at least bringing up some new ways to approach healthcare.
      My belief is that we have to bring together two seeming incompatible subjects of abundance and sustainability into solutions that are more inspiring than the ones we currently see. Easier said than done of course, so I’m going to try to share some examples of ways that people are finding ways to create sustainable abundance, and talk about the ways I’m trying to implement this idea of sustainable abundance in my own life as well.
      It’s a pleasure to read your blog and have you as part of my blogging community. Based on what you write in your blog, I’d say that you are a living example of sustainable abundance yourself!
      Many blessings to you, and have a wonderful new year in 2014!


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