Monday Meditation: Revisiting the Past

Monday Meditation: Revisiting the Past

Gastof Hassen in Herrenberg Germany

My mom and I are in the midst of planning our summer vacation in 2014.  We seem to go on a bigger vacation every other year.  My mother is 83 years old and still loves to travel.  We’re thinking of doing something rather adventurous and taking a trip to Europe – France, Germany and Austria in particular.  I created a European Vacation interest board for this possible adventure to have fun with it.

My mom wants to go to Paris so that we can take a day trip to Versailles and Monet’s gardens in Giverny.  A few years ago, my mom went on a tour with the Art Institute to Paris and loved it, but she missed seeing Monet’s gardens, and would really like to do that before the end of her days. In a way, my mom wants to revisit the past to catch up on something she missed the first time around.

I want to go to Germany to show my sons the place where I worked on a seven month assignment for IBM about 25 years ago.  It’s amazing to me how much the Gastof Hassen hotel where we have a tentative reservation looks the same.  If I’m remembering correctly, they used to have a giant rabbit on the roof or as a statue.  Hassen is rabbit in German.  I want to revisit the past to share a part of my life with my boys, and create new adventures with them.  

I hope we choose to take this trip so that my mom and I can see the family that I stayed with in Germany while we’re there.  The Gerstners came to my wedding in Florida many years ago, and to my mom’s 80th birthday party in San Antonio four years ago.  It’s a blessing to be connected with such fine people.  Often, we’re told to live in the now and the present for very good reasons.  But sometimes it’s a very good thing to revisit the past, especially special people that we’ve loved and cherished.

Meditation for this week:  

Are there any ways in which you could revisit the past and create an enchanting adventure for yourself this year?



8 thoughts on “Monday Meditation: Revisiting the Past

  1. It would be a lot of fun to see the place that so inspired Monet. There is one of his painting at our local art museum and it is like you are there, it is soooo large. I hope you and your mother have a lot of fun traveling Karen!


    1. We’re lucky to have had so many good times traveling as a family. I saw an exhibition of Monet’s paintings a few years ago at the Art Institute in Chicago, and was amazed at how large some of the paintings were. They were so gorgeous. It almost seems like a magical pilgrimage to be able to see the gardens where Monet painted those pictures. Thanks so much for your comment, Karen!


  2. How marvelous that your mother is still so interested, and physically able to take such a grand trip, Karen. I think this is just wonderful. I think it’s natural to want to go back to do more in a place that holds happy memories. I think I don’t go back to places very much because I haven’t broadly traveled. But I do enjoy going back in my “memory.” I am fortunate to have a group of about ten women friends, and we have been friends for more than 50 years. We were in early elementary school when we first met. Now when we get together we almost always reminisce more than we talk about the present. It causes us to laugh and be young school girls again. I think that’s a happy “going back” and we do it as often as possible.


    1. It is a blessing that my mother is still able to be so vital and adventurous at her age. I hope to be as lively as she is when I reach her age. Debra, that sounds wonderful to be able to stay connected to friends for more than 50 years. As always, thanks for your comments. Karen


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