Sustaining Story Friday – The Sustainable Abundance of Technology

Sustaining Story Friday – The Sustainable Abundance of Technology


Over the last few weeks with the temperatures dipping as low as -50 with windchill, I’ve been thinking to myself, thank God for engineers, builders, technology and human ingenuity.  We are so lucky to be living in the time that we are.

When we think about sustainability, and the needs to prevent and adapt to climate change, reduce toxins in our way of life, and more, sometimes we forget that industrialization has its benefits as well as its curses.

I’m convinced we must embrace industry, technology and environmentalism to create sustainable abundance on our planet.

We have the opportunity to make better the true progress that has been made in making human existence more enchanting.

For my own part, I’m going to be looking for new technologies that make me more efficient this year, particularly energy-efficient.  One obvious help to me has been the continuous improvement in information technology that allows me to work from home and reduce my carbon footprint by driving and commuting much less.

Has technology enabled you to lead a more sustainably abundant life in the last year?

14 thoughts on “Sustaining Story Friday – The Sustainable Abundance of Technology

    1. I admire you for your cycling. I probably should be doing more of that. There certainly are limits for even the most ardent cyclers, and the arctic weather we’ve had in the last month certainly kept most of us inside. 🙂


  1. I’ve been doing some online classes for the very reason that it’d save me on trips to school. I always get a sense of sadness when I see someone building a huge house that you know will be abandoned when ever the money runs out. Nobody can, or wants to sustain something like that, just based on money alone. I hate to see abandon buildings in general, although they are fascinating.


    1. Aaron, online classes definitely can help make us more sustainable, though I also like to see people in person sometimes.
      I’m glad that I don’t have a big house — they are hard to maintain. For some people, my small house would be considered unsustainable mostly because it’s located in the suburbs, which makes it not as green as big city living. I enjoy living in my cozy house in a safe area, and having a garden, so I try to be green in as many ways as I can.

      I find certain areas of Chicago particularly sad because of the abandoned and run-down homes and the danger the residents face every day.


      1. We’ll get there someday, either because we have to, or just because we want to. I want to start a community where everyone works together to take care of each other that would be off the grid, completely self sufficient. Everyone would do the jobs they like/ or do best.


  2. As far as technology and ecological concerns, I’m not sure that I’m tapping into anything in particular, but I would love to think more about that. We did buy a Prius a couple of months ago! LOL! Living in Los Angeles and continual traffic and very little public transportation, owning a hybrid just made sense! And I’d say that I do an incredible amount of shopping on-line, but I see the trucks that pull up to make deliveries. They may be making my carbon footprint larger. I love ethos post, Karen. You’ve got me thinking. You make such a good point!


    1. Congratulations on the Prius! I have a few friends that love their Prius. This is probably the year that I need to purchase a new car. I’ve been driving the same car for almost 13 years, mostly because I don’t drive that much, and didn’t want to spend money on a new car. The Prius is one that I’m considering. Good point about the trucks that deliver online shopping. I’m probably making my footprint larger too!:) Have a great weekend!


  3. yes, good point. I have started working from home in the last 6 months which has made a big difference – I live in an isolated rural area, about 25 minutes from the nearest town, so not driving is good. I’ve also re-started the vegie garden in the last few months, and become part of a vegie box initiative started up by a friend of mine (who is a much better gardener than I!). i would love to have solar panels on my roof. that would be my next big sustainable step. Thanks for your post, it got me thinking!


    1. Sara, thanks for stopping and sharing your journey. I’d like to add solar panels to my roof too. I hadn’t really thought of the idea of perhaps sharing the food that I grow in my garden, which is a good idea. Thanks for getting me to thinking this morning! 🙂 Right now it’s winter here, so I’m only dreaming of green things. Take care!


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