Sustaining Story Friday: Preparing for the Storms with Beets

Sustaining Story Friday: Preparing for the Storms with Beets

beetsStorm preparation can be challenging. Can’t say I was well prepared for this year’s harsh winter, even though I suspected we would have one based on the Farmer’s Almanac predictions and my own gut feeling.    There are two more major snow storms coming towards Chicago in the next week, one tomorrow.

Storm preparation seemed necessary today. I bought more food and water, as well as some party food for the Super Bowl. Since my kids are half Chinese, we also celebrate Chinese New Year today with treats for 2014, the Year of the Horse.  My kids will be going out with their Dad to get their red envelopes and enjoy some tasty Chinese food, hopefully before the sun begins to fall.

It seems like people across the United States have been given one of our harsher and more unpredictable winters in a long time. This gives us a chance to look at just how resilient we can be.   Cities weren’t really prepared for this series of storms.  We’re running out of salt for the streets in almost all of the Chicago suburbs, and being told not to leave our homes tomorrow unless we absolutely have to go somewhere.

For anyone who has been seriously involved in sustainability, we know that this is just the beginning of the storms, especially if we don’t do more about mitigating against climate change.   Humans are resilient, but I do worry about what could happen if we run out of the resources to heat  our homes in the winter and cool our homes in the summer.   I was reading a study a while back, that one of the big reasons for longer lives around the world is air conditioners.

We need to prepare for the storms and droughts that we are experiencing now, and the ones that will keep coming. There are things small and large, that we can do as individuals to prepare for storms, even if they’re small things.

For my part, I’m wondering if I should grow more beets this summer so that I can start adapting to climate change.  Beet juice could be used  to melt ice on our driveway, and it was very easy to grow beets last summer, but I hadn’t thought to collect beet juice then.  Here’s a USA today article on using beet juice on highways.

Going along with the meditation I offered on Monday, sometimes we have to find a way to cope with changing circumstances and make solving problems more of a fun adventure instead of a burden or tedious chore.

Today’s Contemplation: 

Have you given any thought on how you might better prepare for the increasing level of storms likely to be caused by climate change?

2 thoughts on “Sustaining Story Friday: Preparing for the Storms with Beets

  1. We live in North Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean and the effect of global warming on us is warmer, drier winters. Summers appear to be hotter and longer but the main problem is water resources running low. We lived in Queensland, Australia, during a drought and have always been water-wise. But, given the heatwaves hitting Australia, I’m really glad we left when we did. Interesting that you mention how air conditioning might have led to extended lives as it’s now so hot in cities like Perth and Adelaide, air conditioning is no longer a luxury but a necessity.


    1. Water shortages concern me deeply. When you have the double impact of climate change and population growth, it’s clear we’ll need some new solutions worldwide on how to harvest fresh water from our rising oceans. I’m afraid that many people may have to move to new locales due to water shortages and climate change and create climate refugees. It sounds very difficult to be living through the heat waves in Australia. My sense is that it’s getting difficult in California too. I wish you the best in Cyprus, and hope that we can come up with global strategies that keep us all well-hydrated and comfortably cool. Thank you so much for your comment and have a great week! Karen


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