Monday Meditation: Commonality in Conscientiousness

Monday Meditation: Commonality in Conscientiousness

MOTHER-EARTH-NEWS-February- jpgThis week’s meditation is inspired by the February/March edition of Mother Earth News:

It’s time to look for our commonality with conscientiousness.

This idea came to me from Bryan Welch’s introductory article entitled Great Gardens, Pure Food and Clean Energy, The Ties that Bind.  In that article, he talked about the diversity of Mother Earth News readership, and shared that it has been the fastest growing major magazine in America for the last ten years while many magazines struggled to find readership.   I found much of what Welch wrote to be fascinating.

I’d like to quote a few paragraphs from his article:

As editors, we generally don’t think about whether a reader is liberal or conservative.  We’re looking for readers who are very conscientious — people interested in sustainability and self reliance.  And it turns out that people who are very conscientious tend to describe themselves as very liberal or very conservative.

But your political differences apparently don’t extend to your feelings for gardens, tomatoes, farmhouses, pure food, a healthy human habitat or great grandchildren.

Evidently, we all agree those are things that need to be preserved and nurtured.  About the most important things, it seems you  — and we — are aligned.

You can read more about Mother Earth News here.  I like how the magazine talks about itself as a guide to living “with little money and abundant happiness.”

This last weekend, I picked up Mother Earth News to gather ideas on how to grow more food in less space, but I ended up feeling inspired about our changing world and the idea that conscientious people of every political persuasion do have more in common than most of the media would lead us to believe.  There truly is hope for creating a world of sustainable abundance, and perhaps we can find new ways to innovate together as we realize our commonality in conscientiousness.

This week’s contemplation:

Do you consider yourself to be very conscientious?  What about the people around you?

2 thoughts on “Monday Meditation: Commonality in Conscientiousness

  1. Very interesting and thought-provoking article – love it!

    I wish that our public and private spaces here in Canada could be designed to reflect our basic human need to interact and form communities of people. I would love to share in my conscientiousness, but I feel isolated from other people in my abode/commuting/workplace lifestyle. “Community” seems to be a special privilege for only some groups of people living on the fringes of modern society. Or maybe that’s just me?


    1. Thanks for your comments!

      I get the sense that there is a lot of isolation among conscientious people everywhere. There is a profound need to create new kinds of public and private spaces to create stronger communities.

      I don’t think it’s just you, we do need new designs for community.



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