Wednesday Author Spotlight: Vicki Robin and Blessing the Hands that Feed Us

Wednesday Author Spotlight: Vicki Robin and Blessing the Hands that Feed Us

Vicki RobinIn keeping with this week’s meditation on commonality through being conscientious, and my ongoing interest in sharing ideas that could help us to create a world of sustainable abundance,  I’d like to call your attention to the work and writings of Vicki Robin, and hope you enjoy her video.

I first became associated with Vicki Robin’s work when I read her best-selling book, Your Money or Your Life many years ago.  I must have read that book in the late 1990’s, and remember thinking she had a lot of good ideas about how to become self-reliant by being frankly more frugal.  I am not a naturally frugal person, so many of her ideas didn’t appeal to me at the time.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve become more frugal in the last several years, and  I finally implemented some of the ideas she presented in Your Money or Your Life, and have found that frugality does (sometimes) make my life happier than I would have expected.

I didn’t realize that Vicki Robin was also a sustainability activist until I first heard about her newest book, Blessing the Hands That Feed Us. Her latest book is quite a bit different from her first one, in that, this one seems like as much of a memoir of her life and work, as it is a primer on the benefits of eating locally.  I’m still only part of the way through this book, though I did jump around to see what’s coming in future chapters.  She has some great observations about relational eating.

To be honest, I’ve been more depressed than excited about Blessing the Hands That Feed Us because Robin doesn’t seem to have much optimism about the state of our environmental future.  I’m more optimistic about the ability of technology and human ingenuity to help us to mitigate and adapt to climate change, but she could be right, that we are in more danger of global ecosystem collapse than I’d like to admit.  She certainly has convinced me that I ought to get to know at least some people who grow food locally beyond my little garden, and develop a relationship with the hands that feed my family.

If you are looking to become more self-reliant as well as become more involved in sustainable communities, I would recommend that you take a look at Vicki Robin’s books and ideas.

Today’s Contemplation:

Did you know that most grocery stores only have about 3 days worth of supplies available as Vicki Robin stated in the video above?

If some emergency were to happen, do you have a strategy for how you would deal with feeding yourself and/or your family?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Author Spotlight: Vicki Robin and Blessing the Hands that Feed Us

  1. Thanks for the shout out Karen. When you finish the book you’ll see how hope-filled I have become through relational eating. let me know what you think after you read the last chapters.


    1. Thank you Vicki for stopping by! I’m very impressed with the work you are doing in the world.

      I will keep reading and do a follow-up on relational eating! 🙂


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