Sustaining Story Friday: Inspired by Sochi

Sustaining Story Friday: Inspired by Sochi

oly_g_sochi_opening2_300x200Despite some of the negative press we’ve heard about the Sochi Olympics, I was inspired watching the opening ceremonies tonight with its charm and imperfections.  I found the ceremony to be beautiful and artistic.

The Olympics give us hope that we can find peaceful ways to channel our competitive drives, extend our human capacities, and transcend political differences.

With more snow on the way to Chicago tomorrow, and continued cold temperatures next week, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to watch the Winter Olympics in this coming week!  The Olympics are sustaining my spirit in these cold winter days.

Today’s Contemplation:

What is sustaining you today?

9 thoughts on “Sustaining Story Friday: Inspired by Sochi

  1. I loved the spectacular show but the sight of Sochi and especially the mountains round Krasnayapolyana broke my heart. I visited it many times before it was developed and wrote a blog post about the beauty of the area in Januray. IF you didn’t see it maybe you could check out my site.


    1. Thank you for your comment, I’ll look for your article. Part of our challenge in modern life is how we preserve natural beauty, and act upon our human desire to create. I get the sense there is a lot about the development of the Sochi venue that could have been managed much differently, or have chosen a different site.


  2. PS what is sustaining me today is that it is my daughter’s birthday and we have spoken on the phone (she lives in Vermont USA and I am in UK! Also my son is visiting for a week from Madrid so that will be fun x


  3. I wasn’t able to watch opening ceremonies, Karen, but I heard a lot about them today. I tend to think more like you do and find them inspiring and very enjoyable. For some reason that I never quite understand, I heard a lot of negative comments. It’s a shame that people feel the need to look for ways to criticize. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the hospital with my dad, and I think this week the Olympic games will be good diversion! I’m looking forward to them. ox


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