The Winter Olympics in Sochi and Krasnayapolyana

The Winter Olympics in Sochi and Krasnayapolyana

After writing about the Sochi Olympics yesterday, I’d like to share this blog from one of the wonderful bloggers in my community of Internet friends (Heaven Happens). This gives us a bigger perspective on the choice of the site for the Sochi Olympics, and the challenges we face as human development infringes upon natural beauty.


As the Winter Olympics in our twin town of Sochi gets underway, I am totally glued to the TV to see how much this beautiful area has changed. I remember the many exciting journeys I made to Sochi, and Krasnayapolyana in particular almost 20 years ago. Russia was a totally different place the first time I visited. It was not long after Perestroika and there was still a gloomy rather austere atmosphere reminiscent of Stalinist times. I have written many blogs about my visits to Russia and if you would like to read them you can click on the links below. But I really feel driven to write about one particularly magical place again. This is Krasnayapolyana which is where many of the Olympic events will be held. If you went there today you could never imagine that only 20 years ago it was officially recognised as a totally unspoilt…

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