Meditation Monday: Cycles of Life and Destiny

Meditation Monday: Cycles of Life and Destiny

Where is life leading us?

Have you ever noticed that there are times in life where destiny seems to flow effortlessly in your life? And other times when you must work as hard as you can to create your own destiny, sometimes struggling to survive?

For much of the last several years,  I have often felt that I was pushing against a giant boulder that was preventing me from moving forward.  It hasn’t been a terrible time for me, but it hasn’t flowed the way some times have.

Still, I’ve had many enchanting adventures during this time. It’s been a time of learning to be patient and humble.  I’ve also noticed synchronicities, the kind where I would think about something or someone and a book or person would appear to help me move forward.  But this wasn’t a cycle where every time I turned around there was a new synchronicity pulling me forward.

There are times in  life when cycles of life and destiny pulls us along, with synchronicity after synchronicity, sometimes with ideas of what we should be doing or where we should be going that we wouldn’t have imagined would take us where I wanted to go.

These type of cycles seem to be created by subtle intention.  I mean the kind of intention where you casually say, I’d love to have an international assignment in Europe and you do absolutely nothing to create one, and you end up being asked to go on one out of the blue.  Sometimes the cycle takes time to mature.   I had that idea of an international assignment when I graduated from college, and about five years later, when I was working at IBM, an international assignment appeared out of nowhere.

Another time I had an idea that I wanted to run a green business program for the City of Chicago.  At the time the thought passed through my mind it was a ridiculous idea.  Two years later, I was running a by-product synergy network for the City of Chicago, a project I would never have envisioned managing in a million years.  I believe that program emerged because the subtle intention of running a green business program for the City of Chicago was a part of my soul’s destiny.

I believe we can learn to work with subtle intentions more effectively by observing the energy of the intentions that naturally happen.  Almost always, there is no clinging to a set way something has to occur, or even to the intention.  Yet, that doesn’t mean we aren’t working at all.

Maybe some of you are entering a new cycle of life and destiny.

Doesn’t it feel like the cycle of our times is bringing in something new for many of us?  Could we affect that change in a positive way with our subtle intentions?

This year, I have an intention to work on an environmental project, which must be a subtle intention because things have been happening with it, though I’m not really doing much.  I don’t have any set constraints on what I want to do.  I just want to get paid to help out on something that is meaningful and helps create sustainable abundance for many people.

Last week, I had the beginnings of two new projects start to emerge.  One was with someone I think of as a long-term destiny partner.  We have been working together for the last ten years. The other project is in its infancy, but it gives me a similar sense of synchronicity and destiny that I felt in the early days of the City of Chicago Waste to Profit network, when I felt like I was being led and guided by something bigger than myself to develop that project.  I don’t want to write much about either of these projects, until they becomes more grounded in reality, but I find them both exciting.

Not all cycles of life and destiny are easy.

2012-12-14 07.43.04
Ginger, our furry Lhasa Apso last June 2013

Our little dog Ginger is declining in health.  In July of 2012, she was diagnosed with an unknown brain malfunction that we discovered could be managed with steroids.  It felt like a miracle when she was able to eat and run again.  The veterinarian warned me that the steroids that stopped her brain problems most likely would eventually ruin her immune system and make her prone to kidney and liver problems.  She had a urinary tract infection a few weeks ago.  At this point, she has become incontinent to some degree.  Today she was shaking.  I have an appointment with our veterinarian to discuss her options.  I’m not sure how much longer she has to live.  She has been a great companion for my boys and me.  I hate to see her decline.  If the time comes that she is suffering too much, we will have to make a tough decision.

Often it seems to me that when we are on the brink of a new cycle emerging, some of our dearest companions can’t go with us.  That’s one of the roughest parts of our cycles in life.

This week’s Meditation:

Do you feel a new cycle of change emerging through you at this time in your life?

9 thoughts on “Meditation Monday: Cycles of Life and Destiny

  1. I like that image of pushing a boulder. For some years the slow progress through my health issues has left me saying I feel like in all of life I’m walking through thick jello. This has been a very long cycle without any of those magic moments when it feels like things are coming together and I’ve been wondering if it’s every going to end, so this is a nice moment for me to read your thought that they come and go. So sorry about Ginger.


    1. Leigh,I’m glad I could help.
      We had kind of good news and bad news today. Ginger appears to have diabetes and a urinary tract infection, both possibly brought about from her other medication. The good news is that we can treat these conditions at least for a while. Thank you for your kind thoughts about Ginger.

      Ginger’s continuing health challenges are one of those pushing a boulder moments for me, where there is always some new problem coming up. In some respects, her problems make me appreciate the moments of good health even more.

      I do believe that their are cycles of good fortune and cycles of challenge in life. I hope for you (and me) that a cycle of good fortune is imminent! 🙂


  2. Sometimes the wheel turns at a slight touch, and sometimes one must go against it, struggle with it. Your post reminds me to be mindful of those moments, which come and go throughout life.


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