Sustaining Story Saturday: Brenda Schmitz’s Christmas Wish

Sustaining Story Saturday: Brenda Schmitz’s Christmas Wish

I’ve been trying to write a blog about how we sustain ourselves, our planet, and each other every Friday.  This week, I spent a lot of my time doing my best to sustain our little dog Ginger.  She now has diabetes, in addition to an incurable neurological disorder. The steroids that treat her brain issues have caused diabetes.  The insulin and steroids work against each other, and finding the right dose of medicines is something that I’m now doing with the help of our veterinarian.  Adding this problem to an already busy life is frustrating.  Then, on Friday, I saw the brake light on my car shining and discovered the brake line and brake cylinder had rusted out and needed to be replaced, so that was three hours in the local CarX on Friday morning.   I finished just in time to get to my annual physical. This week was one  of those weeks, when my meditation about pushing against the boulders in life seemed to be appropriate.

This morning, I saw a video that made me put all of my life challenges in perspective.  I think some of you might find this video as touching and sustaining as I did:

So, many things came into my mind after watching this video.  First, of all, it re-affirmed my faith that there is more going on in heaven and earth than we often notice.  I loved the story about the rainbows.

Personally, I also thought about all the preventative testing that my doctor recommended in my annual physical yesterday.   I was wavering this morning, thinking about the potential cost of some of that testing.  After watching this video, I thought about how lucky I am to be alive, and how when it’s possible, we need to care for our health so that we can live fully with our family and friends as long as possible.

However,  when health is no longer possible, and we all reach that point at some time, I hope that I can leave my family feeling as well-loved and cared for as Brenda Schmitz did with her family.

As we face, yet another winter storm in the Chicago area on Monday, after a season of many, many storms, it’s good to remember that storms can sometimes be an opportunity to express love more deeply.  Whether the storms we face are personal or natural, they can also bring us together in ways that we could never anticipate.

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