Meditation Monday: Finding Gratitude in the Onslaught of Winter Storms

Meditation Monday: Finding Gratitude in the Onslaught of Winter Storms

Ice Caves in Bayfield Wisconsin
Ice Caves in Bayfield Wisconsin

Well, it’s another Monday, and another winter storm has come to the Chicago area.  Snow is falling now  with 4-6 more inches expected today.  There’s another storm in the forecast for next weekend, with a brief thawing out in the middle of this week.  Fortunately, my boys had President’s Day as a holiday anyway, so we didn’t have to travel as so many commuters will have to do this evening.

This is dangerous weather. I just can’t remember a time in my life when we have had so many winter storms one right after another.  Everyone I know wants the storms to end, and can’t wait for spring to come.

During this last week, our dog Ginger was diagnosed with diabetes, and that’s its own set of challenges in monitoring glucose levels, injecting insulin, and watching her health carefully.

Last night, I was watching the news, there was a show about ice caves in Wisconsin becoming a tourist event.  For several hotels in Wisconsin, this winter has been an unexpected blessing.  Ice caves in places like Bayfield Wisconsin allow visitors to enjoy the rare ability to walk on deeply frozen lakes to see wonders of nature, that aren’t always available.

For my part, I’ve noticed that all the winter storms have provided the opportunity to spend a lot more time with my kids.  We’ve had a lot more conversations on subjects both big and small.  My dog’s bout with diabetes, has made me more appreciative of my own health, and even more aware of the need to balance blood sugar levels for all of us.

We have a choice right now — either we let all the storms in our lives drive us crazy or we find a way to make the most of this short time we have on this planet and look for reasons to smile.

This week’s Meditation:

Whether you are going through yet another winter storm, too much rain, or enduring drought conditions like California, how are you finding some light and levity in your most trying situations?



11 thoughts on “Meditation Monday: Finding Gratitude in the Onslaught of Winter Storms

      1. For sure, the president keeps reminding us in every speech he gives that we can’t ignore any longer. Kinda makes ya wonder if he knows something even worse is coming, it wouldn’t surprise me.


  1. Your writing is always thought provoking, we are blessed, we just need to remind ourselves sometimes, long winter slipping by spring here. First robin yesterday on the lawn:)


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