Wednesday Author Spotlight – Martha Beck

Wednesday Author Spotlight – Martha Beck

marthabeck-290x219Almost every year I feel compelled to write a blog on the innovative life coaching ideas of Martha Beck.   I admire her self-deprecating humor and her often deeply thoughtful insights.

Among other things, she is well-known for her monthly column in Oprah’s O magazine.  This month her column is about how to deal with congenital flakiness. It’s an amusing and helpful article you might want to check out.  You can find many of her past articles on and searching for Martha Beck.

It just so happens that I’m feeling rather flaky myself tonight, and a bit too tired to adequately share personal insights from her many books.

So, instead, I’m going to share a quote that I received several days ago from Martha’s Daily Inspiration:

Everything always passes, and everything is
already okay. Stay in the place where you can
see that, and nothing will resist you.

~Steering by Starlight

I thought this quote was brilliant when I read it.  It seems like there are many of us who need to hold on to that message lately.

Some of us have yet another extreme weather event coming our way tomorrow. I’m not sure if we’ll be getting snow or thunderstorms or both in the Chicago area.

It will be such a welcome change when winter passes into spring later this year.  Yet, I’m trying to remember these cold days for the time later this year when it will invariably get hot and humid in the summer.

Today’s Contemplation:

Can you find the place where everything is okay during your most stressful moments this week?