New Life for Orange Peels

New Life for Orange Peels

I’m participating in a retreat today, so when I came across this post during one of our breaks, I thought it would be a great re-blog and fulfill my desire to share some sustainable living ideas every Friday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and perhaps find some new life for your orange peels courtesy of Gina at People Excited About Co-existence! 🙂

Front Yard to Backcountry

Art by Faith Te Art by Faith Te

As a regular reader you’ll know I love oranges. Here’s an excerpt from my post Festive Chinese Décor (reminding us that if nothing else, let’s put out a bowlful of oranges).

Oranges – Ya gotta have em! Keep fresh oranges in your house. Eat them and encourage every one to eat their oranges! Peel them. Cut them up. Juice them. Toss segments in salads. Give them to guests. Take them to work.

One result of our enjoyment of oranges is an abundance of leftover peels. Not quickly compostable! Rather than tossing them, there are many ideas we can implement in giving them further use.
My hubby loves nibbling on candied peels but I prefer to mince them up and stir into muffin batter. Here’s an easy recipe that makes about 1 cup.

Candied Orange Peels

4 or 5 oranges (or any combo of citrus fruits)

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2 thoughts on “New Life for Orange Peels

  1. Hooray! I’m delighted and honored to have this on your delightful blog Karen. Thank you so much for sharing along these tips to help us continue to enjoy oranges even after we’ve finished their fruit and juice. Cheers, Gina


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