Meditation Monday: Feeling Deep Appreciation

Meditation Monday: Feeling Deep Appreciation

Growing TallThis week’s meditation for the week is about expressing appreciation, not just appreciation of the good in our lives, but also of the difficult.

My inspiration for this week’s post came from a deeply moving virtual business retreat that I participated in last weekend, held by Mark Silver, who runs the Heart of Business.  I deeply appreciated that experience.

I want to be careful to honor the confidentiality of that retreat, but I feel safe to say that some of us found ourselves crying over our personal grief as well of the collective pain in the world during the retreat.

Mark Silver spoke eloquently about the fact that there is great injustice and suffering in the world. Many of us, don’t allow ourselves to feel the grief in our hearts.  He said if our hearts are open as business owners, we will feel deep grief, and we must allow ourselves to feel it.  As we allow ourselves to feel that grief, it can be a cleansing process for our heart.  It keeps us humble and connected to all life.

My sense is that we must let grief move through us more often, without defining ourselves by it or collapsing into it.  If our grief is great, there are times that we will have to live in grief for some time.  Yet, life is also full of great joy.

So often joy and sorrow are linked together. Kahlil Gibran said it this way in The Prophet:

Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the self same well from which your laughter rises
was oftentimes filled with your tears.
And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being,
the more joy you can contain.

ConfusedOne of the problems I see in the business world is the stifling of sorrow and grief. We’re not “supposed to” cry at work, or show sadness. 

There are ways that we can subtly and sometimes not so subtly allow emotion to be expressed in all aspects of our lives, including our work life.  It takes practice in finding the right balance of bringing our heart into our work.

So, this week, I suggest that we acknowledge the grief and the joy in our lives and in the world, because only with an open heart can we deeply appreciate life’s possibilities.

Find a safe place to feel what is in your heart, and simply feel it, even if for only a short time.  Regardless of what you feel, see if you can find a deep appreciation for your heart that is almost magical in its ability to be a container for both sorrow and joy.   

There is much suffering and injustice that deserves to be healed.  We can be part of that healing.  We can also hold a vision of joy that believes that it is possible for all people to live happy, prosperous, peaceful and sustainable lives. We hold this vision knowing that perfection is not required.  We take whatever steps we can towards a better future, and trust in something bigger than ourselves that pulls life forward.

This week I want to send out my deep appreciation for you.  May all the unseen forces of goodness and mercy that bind us together, lift up your world and bring you great peace this week and always.

This Week’s Contemplation:

Do you appreciate your heart that allows you to feel your joys and sorrows?


11 thoughts on “Meditation Monday: Feeling Deep Appreciation

  1. This same topic has been in head the past week or so. We watched “Enders Game”, it touches on the subject too. Sometimes there is beauty, and clarity in those moments of brokenness.


    1. I’ve noticed that brokenness has often been a powerful force for change in my life.

      How did you like Enders Game? I thought it was a powerful story. It’s amazing to me that the story for that movie was written quite a while ago. I can’t remember the author’s name at this moment, but he understood the power and shortcomings of video games before they even existed.

      Thanks for your comment Aaron!


  2. I think because I work in an academic environment and not at the business end, I’m probably better able to express my feelings and get into debate and topical conversation with students who definitely grapple with the sorrow of what they observe in the world. But it delights me to think that there are seminars such as you describe, and that there are ambassadors attempting to bring a better balance of emotions into the business workplace. You also serve as one of those important voices, Karen. I do think it’s important that we allow our emotions to be expressed and shared with others. Very powerful stuff!


  3. Thank you so much for your comments Debra. It seems to me that the world of business is changing, and becoming more compassionate. I am so fortunate to work with compassionate and caring business leaders to help them expand their sustaining stories and sometimes get recognition for that work.


  4. Bless your beautiful heart for this incredible post Karen. All of it, but this really had me saying ‘wow’:
    “We can also hold a vision of joy that believes that it is possible for all people to live happy, prosperous, peaceful and sustainable lives. We hold this vision knowing that perfection is not required. We take whatever steps we can towards a better future, and trust in something bigger than ourselves that pulls life forward.”
    Love it!!! xo Hugs of gratitude to you my friend, Gina


  5. Yes, I do agree… grief is just a lesson; we mustn’t repress it forever. It is just fear and in the great scheme of all that is, fear and apprehensions to feel reality is insignificant if not merely an illusion of a confused ego; I think.


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