Wednesday Author Spotlight: Wayne Dyer

Wednesday Author Spotlight: Wayne Dyer

A new friend of mine in Dubai told me about the Wayne Dyer movie, The Shift, which some of you may have already seen.  He sent me a link to the movie that you can find here:

It’s been a while since I’ve read or watched anything from Wayne Dyer.  This movie made me remember how helpful Dyer’s ideas can be.  I love what Dyer says in The Shift about needing different behaviors in the afternoon of our life than we had in the morning of our life.   The movie explains the problems with the ego very well.  I highly recommend viewing this film.

I went back to my personal library and re-read sections of several of Dyer’s books. In the book,  The 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, he writes about many of the ideas that are also in his movie   One of the ten secrets in this particular book is Wisdom is Avoiding All Thoughts that Weaken You.

In the chapter about wisdom, Dyer writes:

Every single thought you have can be assessed in terms of whether it strengthens or weakens you . . . Authentic wisdom is the ability to monitor yourself at all times to determine your relative state of weakness or strength, and to shift out of those thoughts that weaken you . . . You have the choice each day to wake up and say, “Good morning, God” or “Good God, morning!”  It’s always a choice.

Most of us know that our thoughts profoundly affect our lives, but we don’t always take the time to really notice whether our thoughts are strengthening us or weakening us.  When you add emotion and feelings in the mix with our thoughts and beliefs, we can get very confused.

This is where I have noticed that deep appreciation helps so much.  It’s difficult to be grateful for your life, and be thinking a thought that weakens you.  I found myself caught up in a spiral of weak thoughts on Tuesday, and it helped me so much to choose to think about all the goodness in my life, and let go of dwelling on frustrations or situations that I do not control.  In essence, I was following my own advice from Monday. 🙂

Today’s contemplation:

Is there any place in your life where deep appreciation could help you to strengthen your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Author Spotlight: Wayne Dyer

  1. I’m going to put the movie on my youtube list — for when i have two hours. Looks good.
    One of my huna teachers did a powerful exercise with us in which he had various class members come up to the front for muscle testing. He’d instruct them to have an unkind thought about self and someone else do the muscle test — WEAK! He’d have them think something unkind about someone else and have the other push the arm down — WEAK! He’d have them think something good about themselves and test — so strong, couldn’t be moved! Same thing, good thought about someone else, STRONG! That has so stuck with me. Not that I’m always mindful. But it’s a great exercise for making it clear that positive thoughts make you strong and negative thoughts make you weak. And you’re right, most of us don’t realize it most of the time.


    1. Leigh,
      It’s funny, I was just reading about that sane muscle test in a Wayne Dyer book this afternoon! The test reminds me a little bit of the Masura Emoto work with water, and how people’s thoughts about water changed the crystal structure of the water. The power of kind and unkind thoughts is amazing!

      I hope you like this film. It’s interesting to me in the way that it’s a fictional movie and instructional piece at the same time.

      Let me know what you think of it, if you get the chance to watch it.



  2. I watched it a while back, I love his books, he has a way of renewing our thought processes. When I’m stuck in a bad mood of some sort sometimes I do this; grab one of my cats, or my dog, and tell myself “Im just going to pet you until I feel better.” It usually takes about ten minutes to forget my problems, and admire all the nice things about my pets.


  3. Karen I love-love-love this movie and sometimes pop the DVD in even if puttering on projects around the house. It’s worth many a re-watch and am so glad you’re sharing about it here.
    I celebrate your very wise point that when we are in the thoughts and feelings of deep appreciation we cannot be feeling anxious or fearful. Those kinds of energies cannot coexist at the same time. A great reminder for whenever I’m feeling ‘off track’ or in any way anxious to remember to return to gratitude. Thank you for all the love and light you share! Blessings, Gina


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