Monday Meditation: Keeping Heat in Balance

Monday Meditation: Keeping Heat in Balance

green meadowThis last week, I was helping my son type up his book report of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, and it got me to contemplating the many ways in which heat affects our lives, in both positive and negative ways.

The vernal equinox occurs this week, reminding us both of our desire for heat and the need to find balance with it.

Here in the Chicago area, most of us are craving more heat.  It’s been a long, cold winter.  This appears to be a week where we might actually see spring-like conditions, with warmer temperatures and no snow in the forecast.

I was also reminded last week that on the whole our world has been getting too hot.  Certain aspects of our modern way of life are putting us in danger of mass extinctions on the scale that happened when the dinosaurs walked the earth. We have options to lower the heat in our planet, if we take seriously the need to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Too much heat, which can also be called yang energy has created a lack of balance both literally and figuratively.    In our daily lives we can find ourselves in situations that are overheated. People, organizations, communities, businesses, and countries can overvalue the drive for success,  the powerful among us who rise to positions of prominence, and a driven way of life.  

Never has it been more important to keep heat in balance.  And it is a challenging thing to do.  Most of us encounter situations, at one time or another, that have become too hot to handle.

There is a need for cooling in our planet and in our selves.  Fortunately, many people are recognizing the need to move into balance.  Heat is good, when we have it in the right balance.

This week’s contemplation:

What is the right amount of heat in your life this week?

11 thoughts on “Monday Meditation: Keeping Heat in Balance

  1. I’m overheating this week- suffering from tonsillitis has raised my temperature!
    I’m so sick of feeling ill- it’s been over a week now!
    Because I have Lupus I just can’t shake it off.
    Hope I cool down soon x


  2. It’s been unseasonably hot there in L.A… it was close to 90F yesterday, while back in Louisville, it was about 60 degrees colder. It makes you wonder if we’re on the same planet!


    1. Yes, the weather is so variable across the country right now. I’m looking forward to a day where it’s 54 today. For us, it will feel like 90. 🙂


  3. I am not sure… will give this some thought… right now, about 15 degrees would work nicely. We had another snow – not as much as predicted but day off was had anyway since it was snowing heavy from 5 to 8 am.


    1. The Eastern part of the U.S. has been so hard hit in the last few years. You have my compassion with more snow.

      Here’s to hoping spring comes quickly with the right balance of temperatures for everyone across the country!


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