Monday Meditation: The Path of Moderation

Monday Meditation: The Path of Moderation

sacred lotus flowerThere is nothing better than moderation

for teaching people or serving Heaven.

Those who use moderation

are already on the path to the Tao.


Those who follow the Tao early

will have an abundance of virtue

there is nothing that cannot be done.

Where this is limitless ability,

then the kingdom is within your grasp.

When you know the Mother of the kingdom,

then you will be long enduring.


This is spoken of as the deep root and the firm trunk

the Way to a long life and great spiritual wisdom.


From the Tao Te Ching,

Translation by John H. McDonald


Coming out of the spring equinox last week, we are still in a time when moderation and equilibrium are naturally a good focus for our days.

I loved these words from the ancient Chinese book of wisdom, The Tao Te Ching as a focus for my week.

I am not sure that I’ve always been on the path of moderation myself, but I am very proud of both of my sons, because they have been on that path from an early age.  I consider it my greatest accomplishment that they live balanced moderate lives.

Is there anyone in your life that you have helped to be on the path of moderation?

This week’s contemplation:

In what ways are you on a path of moderation?  Sometimes, we underestimate the amount of balance we have created in our lives.





8 thoughts on “Monday Meditation: The Path of Moderation

  1. Moderation is a big part of my life’s philosophy. But sometimes I also have to remember to practice moderation IN moderation, that it’s ok to celebrate and indulge.


  2. Wow! Moderation, food and gadgets come to mind and I have to say that my children do nat have moderation in their lives, something my husband and I are not proud of and are trying to mend… but when I read balance, peace, tranquility, contentment, those I have been slowly attaining for myself by setting my priorities in a new order… blogging has taken the back burner, some time ago I would have suffered for this, today it is what has to be and when I get the chance i enjoy it immensely… part of my effort in achieving balance (for myself at first) is drinking more water and being conscious of my bodies health needs… It feels so good 🙂 huge hug my friend, alexandra, btw, I found a lovely collection of The Tao For… on different topics from raising children to marriage, work, etc… I hope to start getting them one by one


    1. So good to hear from you Alexandra! There are all kinds of balance and moderation, I am sure your children are lucky to have you as a mom. It’s tough to keep up with blogging and the rest of life. For this year, I’m doing three times a week, it seems like the right amount for me. I haven’t been as great as reading blogs as I wanted so please forgive me if I have missed some of your blogs. You are one of the people that I try to read as much as I can. I love your positive and fun energy.
      Huge hug to you my friend!


      1. Karen, I am speechless! You get that- positive and fun energy- from reading my posts… THANK YOU!!! You see, they say that if you smile long enough pretty soon you’ll feel happy… so I do that with positivity though in reality it is quite a task for me at times… which makes your words all the more important to me!! Thank you again… I have written a few (3 or 4) posts, so you have not missed much my dear friend… and I completely understand you, for example, right now it’s 9p.m. and i should be cleaning up my kitchen after finishing up with bath time… nevertheless, here I am having some quality virtual time with my WP neighbor much more fun 🙂 with us busy moms, it’s quality over quantity… xo


  3. I must say, as age came up higher, I moderate just about all things. As for helping; this is very rewarding; although helping requires some moderation as well. Not every needy young man is an absolute delight by progression into a wholesome life. It takes some acquainting with the wit and energy as well as to understand the fears and games.


    1. The older I get the more moderate I get as well. Also true that not everyone has a straight path to a wholesome life. Mine certainly has its twists and turns. Thanks for your comments!


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