Sustaining Story Saturday: Preparing to Spring

candytuft 2014Le temps se réchauffe.

The weather is warming up.

Today it was 79 degrees where I live in Illinois. Unfortunately, in a few days it might be back to 28, with a chance of snow.

So many people were out enjoying the weather today.

I loved being outside without shivering!

It’s free spring yard waste pick up this weekend, so I was out in the backyard, cleaning up old leaves, branches, and remnants of last year’s wildflowers.

I was soooooo happy to see the candy tuft flowers shown above starting to get little blossoms.  I’m going to try to protect this plant, and the delphinium that also have leaves starting to peek out of the ground from the upcoming cold weather.  The leaves on the lilac tree look like they are about to open.

While I was doing all the yard work, I thought about how important it is to get rid of that which is no longer living, so that the new can be born. Sometimes, we don’t realize all the growth that is happening in our lives until we remove that which we no longer need.

All the cleaning I do at this time of year, helps me to spring in so many other areas of life.

I don’t necessarily enjoy the clean up, but it feels great when it’s done.

Today’s Contemplation:

Are you doing any spring cleaning?

Or fall cleaning if you’re in the southern hemisphere? 🙂



9 thoughts on “Sustaining Story Saturday: Preparing to Spring”

  1. Going to be spring cleaning the house for my daughter visiting from Barcelona for Easter. I’m very excited as I only see her on big holidays like this.
    She’s vegetarian so I will be spring cleaning my fridge too!


    1. That sounds like a great reason to do spring cleaning. It also reminds me that I probably ought to be cleaning my fridge out next. It’s most healthy food, but I could use some more vegetarian items myself. 🙂



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