Meditation Monday: Leaving a Legacy

Sometimes when we think about legacy, we see it as something that only certain people leave with their lives.  We think that only people who are special in some way can leave a significant legacy.

My Dad left my brother (here graduating from medical school) and me (so proud of my brother) a lasting legacy of love and concern for others.  This is a picture from many, many years ago.

We all leave a legacy.

No matter who we are, our life affects the rest of life.

I have been privileged to work with people who care about leaving a positive legacy with their life and actions.  I have come to see that it is  part of my mission in life to be a companion and coach to certain brilliant, wonderful, special people and help them make their dream projects, programs, businesses and fuller lives come into being. Work projects have always flowed to me in ways that often surprise me.

If I had to bottom line everything I have done and hope to do, it comes down to the idea of helping good people create more good in the world.

I am not alone.

Most of the bloggers I read, the friends that I have, my family and colleagues all have a commitment to leaving a positive legacy with their life and actions.

I was so saddened today to see the story of the man in Kansas City who killed three innocent people out of hate at a Jewish Community Center. There are people who do not leave a legacy that is good.  They dedicate their life to hate, bitterness and destruction. Some of these people make life harder and more difficult for the rest of us.

Then, there are people like the woman whose son and father were shot in Kansas City, who did not allow a hater to have the last word.  To display grace in the face of such a tragedy is inspiring.

My belief is that the vast majority of people care about leaving the world better than when they found it.  I believe that we will find ways to heal our environment, our communities and create more peace.

We need to think about the legacy we are creating, and keep expanding our abilities to do good in the world.

This week’s contemplation:

In what ways, do you know that you are leaving the world a better place?

Can you celebrate the legacy you are creating?




10 thoughts on “Meditation Monday: Leaving a Legacy”

  1. finding happiness available in each moment
    despite the ease of falling into anger and victimhood
    is a legacy i’m aspiring to, Karen.
    with diligence and luck
    i’ll get there,
    with the continued support of others. 🙂


    1. Based on your posts, I am sure that you are leaving a wonderful legacy in this world. But it’s always good to think about this question, because as long as we are alive we can expand our legacy.

      Thank you so much for your comments, and for the legacy you have already created with your life. Your thoughtful and beautiful haikus are certainly part of that legacy. 🙂



  2. Karen, Great Commentary and message for all of us. Your Enchanting Adventures are getting better and better. I wonder if you could record these or find a way to reach another audience. Something to think about because I think your voice is more powerful than reading just the message.

    Your last line today is challenging.

    Marvin Klein


  3. Great post, Karen. My legacy is “helping others reach their creative potential”. I met a lot of amazing writers and artists that were stymied by their lack of self-confidence. Having been there myself, I got out of the rut by sharing ideas with like-minded individuals and working together to improve. That’s the essence of what I do—helping myself by helping others.


  4. It was very clear to me the moment I became a grandmother. I knew what legacy my grandparents had left me, and I wanted to know that I was doing the same. I think about them when I consider my values and what is important to me, and I share those things as openly as possible to let my life speak. I think leaving a legacy as you are thinking, is of utmost importance, Karen. ox


    1. Debra, I’m sure that you are leaving a beautiful legacy for your for your children and grandchildren. I hope someday to have grandchildren, and have left them a legacy that is worthy of them.



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