Monday Meditation: Notice What is Blooming in Your World

Monday Meditation: Notice What is Blooming in Your World

roses in San AntonioJust spent a wonderful Easter weekend in San Antonio Texas.  It was warm, green and beautiful.

So many flowers were in bloom, like these beautiful pink roses.

Back in Illinois, flowers and trees are just beginning to blossom.  It seems later than normal.

It was a long, cold winter in Aurora, and it is so welcome to be moving into the season of blossoming and rebirth.

In our lives, there is the possibility to always have something blooming.  At times, rebirth takes longer than we think it should.

Sometimes, it’s hard to notice the openings, the new life that is coming into our life.  But it’s always there.  New life is always available to us.

This week’s Meditation:

What is blooming in the world around you and in your life?

Take a moment to enjoy the sweetness of new life all around you!



13 thoughts on “Monday Meditation: Notice What is Blooming in Your World

  1. I think there are several possibilities for something new in my life, I just don’t know which one will happen first, or when. I just feel like it’s about time for a change😀


    1. I was thinking about the fact that it’s fall in other parts of the world, but we are in so need of spring here that the rebirth theme is on m mind. Thanks for understanding! It was a very long winter. 🙂


  2. I’ll bet you really did enjoy San Antonio, Karen. That is one of my favorite cities and palace for you to begin to feel the warmth of spring,! You’ve offered such a positive encouragement to notice what is blooming. There are many things in bright full bloom here in sunny SoCal, but I can really imagine what it must be like to notice blossoms after such a harsh Illinois winter. Taking note is a wonderful way to keep our spirits open. 🙂


    1. Yes, Debra, the contrast between San Antonio and this last cold winter was enormous. We’re finally getting spring here. In a few days, I might share some photos of lilacs blooming. It finally seems that the winter is past. 🙂


  3. I couldn’t agree with you more.. Take time out to notice what is blooming in your world.. If people stopped for just a moment they would be amazed at what surrounds them ..
    Blessings and May your life continue to bloom and blossom.. 🙂


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