Meditation Monday: Preparing for Adventure

Meditation Monday: Preparing for Adventure

gastof hasen
In a very short time, we will be staying at the Gastof Hasen in Germany!

Sometimes adventure finds us, but I have found most of the time, we create our own adventures.

We’re so excited in my family to be embarking on an adventure in Europe in a very short time.  We’ll be visiting Paris, Salzburg, London and Herrenburg, Germany, a small city in Germany where I worked many years ago.

I love the famous cities we’ll be seeing, but I’m particularly happy to go to Herrenburg, because I lived for there for several months, and actually stayed for a few weeks at the Gastof Hasen where my family will be staying .  Most of the time when I was working in Germany, I stayed with a wonderful family – the Gerstners in their home in Kuppingen alt Herrenburg.  My mom and I can’t wait to see the Gerstners again. Our ancestral home is largely in southern Germany, and I remember feeling it in my blood when I was there, especially visiting the Black Forest.

In preparation for this European journey, my mom and I are using Rosetta Stone software to pick up some basic  language skills.  My mom is learning German, while I’m studying French.  Part of the fun of an adventure, actually is in this preparation stage.  I’m very much enjoying learning some basic French.

Aurora, the City of Lights, has a fascinating history and a potentially bright future
Aurora, the City of Lights, has a fascinating history and a potentially bright future

Another adventure is starting for me this summer too.  I have been appointed to the City of Aurora, Environmental Advisory Board called Sustainable Aurora.

I have some preparation for this committee in all the sustainable work that I’ve done in the past, but right now, I’m reading the city’s current sustainability plan, and hopefully attending a conference in Chicago called Green Towns this Thursday.

I am very excited to be learning more and more about how sustainable communities are being developed around the world.  I want to be part of that work.

Adventures can take a while to create, and they don’t always happen.  I applied for the Sustainable Aurora board about a year ago, and was happy to find that I was accepted a few weeks ago.  I have been planning the European trip for about six months.

An adventure can become even more enchanted, when it takes some time to create it!

This week’s meditation:

Is there any adventure, that’s calling to you, and whispering to you to get started with your preparations?

What might you do to create an enchanting adventure for yourself in the upcoming months?




14 thoughts on “Meditation Monday: Preparing for Adventure

  1. I love reading your posts Karen, your peace, joy, gratitude, love come through in your writing… I am so happy your next part of the adventure will be here soon 🙂 You sill have a wonderful time!! On the topic of adventures, though not quite of the travelling kind, I finally succombed to the fact that for my new born business to see where it can go i needed to show it to the owrld, jajajaaa, OK, the community I live in, so I made a FB page… I felt i was going to faint… it was quite a decision that started my adventure in the outside world. Me being an introvert makes these choices a complicated task… time will tell… sending you a loving hug, Alexandra


    1. That’s a great new adventure, Alexandra! I’m trying to read as many of your posts as possible, so that I can follow your journey. I always love reading your posts too! Blessings to you!


    1. Eric, I don’t if I can completely relate, but I do love learning about ancient wisdom. I enjoy how you present such enlightening subjects on your blog.
      Blessings to you to Eric!


  2. I feel like that almost all the time, it just doesn’t always turn out to be an adventure lol I love learning languages, even though I kinda suck at it. I’d love to be in Europe, anywhere there, I want to feel it in my blood too.


    1. I think it’s helpful to always have a spirit of adventure, but like you say some things don’t turn out as well as others. 🙂 I kinda suck at languages too, but I love the sound of French. I hope you get to go to Europe someday; I’m sure you would love it!


  3. Congratulations on your appointment, Karen. How wonderful! I’m sure that you will add so much to the Advisory Board, but I am sure you will also learn a lot in the process. That’s a perfect effort, I think. And I am so happy for you as you depart for Europe. What a great time you and your mother are going to have. I’m so pleased for you. ox


    1. Thanks Theadora, I’m very excited about this gig, it’s a three year appointment to the board, so I’ll have some time to make a difference. It will be so much fun to be in your part of the world very soon! Karen


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