Today is the day we begin our European Adventure

Today is the day we begin our European Adventure

paris - Louvre
It will be wonderful to introduce my boys to the Louvre and other art museums in Europe.

After months of planning, we are off to enjoy an adventure in Europe today!

By this time tomorrow, we will be walking the streets of Paris, perhaps to find a boulangerie, and getting ready for a trip to Monet’s gardens in Giverny.

We are going to be staying at a hotel within walking distance of the Louvre, after going back and forth on which hotel to choose.  I was hoping to know a little more French from Rosetta Stone, but I feel we’ll do fine.

There are so many beautiful hotels in Paris, though there probably are some less desirable places as well.  Many. many years ago, I stayed at a one star hotel in Paris, near the Moulin Rouge when traveling with my brother.  I wouldn’t recommend staying at a one star hotel in Paris.

gastof hasen
I can’t wait to return to the Gastof Hasen and Herrenberg Germany. I have such fond memories of living here and working for IBM as an international liaison in 1989. It will be fun to see what has changed, and what has remained the same.

I will be taking a lot of pictures and enjoying out time in France, Austria, Germany, and England.  I won’t be blogging during this time, but I will post some pictures on twitter and possibly Facebook at times.  Please forgive me for taking a break from reading and posting blogs during this time.

Today’s question:

What adventure have you created for yourself this summer?

10 thoughts on “Today is the day we begin our European Adventure

  1. I know you won’t see this till you get back but I’m so excited for you I want to write something while it’s fresh. These days you really only need to speak French in the small villages. Last time in Paris every time I tried to speak French people answered me in English… Have a fabulous time! My summer adventure is finishing and getting out a little secret book project I’ve been working on.


  2. That sounds like such a fun trip! My lil fella just out of school last week, so we are now free (as free as possible I guess) to do something fun.


    1. Thank you for the invitation, we actually already finished the vacation. But I would love to go to England again, so maybe next time. We did get up near Stonehenge, Salisbury and Avebury on a tour. It was beautiful there. Are the Cotswolds far from there?


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