What Can We Learn From Our Life Adventures?

What Can We Learn From Our Life Adventures?

Visiting the Louvre upon our arrival in Paris was challenging
Visiting the Louvre upon our arrival in Paris was challenging, with jet lag and exhaustion at the start of our  European adventure.

It’s been over a week since my family returned from a lovely vacation in Europe.  There is so much that we enjoyed about that trip, but as is almost always the case, we had our share of difficult and trying moments during our adventure.  And certainly since coming home from the vacation.

A trip from Salzburg, Austria to Herrenberg Germany was long and arduous due to road construction on various autobahns along our journey.  A 4 hour trip ended up taking us more than double that time due to heavy construction between Augsburg and Ulm.

At various times, it was difficult for my 84-year-old mother to handle all the walking on our trip, particularly on our last day when a parade in London made it all but impossible to find a cab.  We all ended up walking over 7 miles.  I didn’t intend to create such difficult times, but she handled them very well.

We certainly learned some things to do differently for our next vacation, and some things we would like to do again.

There are almost always adversities to be overcome in our adventures, whether we plan them or they are thrust upon us.  And there are almost always magical moments that make every adventure a moment to appreciate our life.

Rainy But Beautiful in the Austrian Alps
Rainy But Beautiful in the Austrian Alps

On a global scale, the effects of climate change are likely to create many adventures that we may not want in years to come from floods and violent storms to droughts and difficult farming conditions.  There may also be opportunities to learn new ways of working together.

I’d like to suggest that all of our adventures personal and global give us the opportunity to integrate new wisdom and sometimes enchanting new discoveries into our lives.

Over the next few days, I’d like to share some of what I have learned from our latest European adventure, with mostly a focus on what went well and still delights me.  My son Nicholas and I took hundreds of pictures from out vacation. On the whole our trip was beautiful.

You can find a few pictures that I uploaded during the vacation on my Facebook page.  If we’re not already friends, I’d love to add you to my circle of friends.

Today’s Meditation:

Do you have a process for learning from your life’s adventures?