Can we enchant the world into peace?

green sears tower from istock
The beautiful side of Chicago

Today I feel conflicted between extreme gratitude for all the enchantments of my life and the tragedies throughout the world.

Yesterday, I spent a beautiful day in Chicago visiting some very dear friends that have also been business partners as well.  When I drove back home in the evening, I took a longer route so I could drive down Lake Shore Drive and see the Buckingham fountain and the dazzling skyline of Chicago at night.

One of my friends lives in the somewhat opulent north shore suburbs of Chicago, and as I drove past the incredible mansions in Evanston I  saw an ambulance stopped to pick up someone from one of those mansions.  The whole route home, I saw many ambulances and fire trucks.  I thought of the difficulties that some people were having while others live a much easier life in our beautiful world.

This morning I re-blogged several posts about the tragic Palestinian situation, the recent downing of a plane over the Ukraine.  I have such a deep wish, like so many people, that we could move beyond the senseless killing of innocent people, particularly children.

My little dog, Ginger, just survived another bout of illness, I thought she wouldn’t make it this week.  She wouldn’t have made it without antibiotics.  It strikes me that my dog has better healthcare than many people in the world.

It takes some work to create enchanting adventures for the people in my immediate world, and that is an important priority for me.  Today, I wish that I had the ability to wave a magic wand that created a more peaceful and abundant world for all people.

Monet’s gardens in Giverny

For me, and maybe you, there is a pull between enjoying all the abundance of life and doing something that serves this broader cause of global peace.

Some people are called to inspire us about the glories and abundant beauty in our world like Monet in his paintings, and in his gardens.  Just a few weeks ago, my family traveled through Monet’s gardens in Giverny.  It was amazingly beautiful.

And I had intended today to write a post about traveling through Europe.  In a few days, I will write that post, because I do believe that it’s good for our souls to see the beauty and diverse abundance in our world.

It’s also good for our souls to stand against injustice, violence and senseless tragedies in the world.

Flowers from Giverny
Beautiful flowers from Monet’s gardens in Giverny France

We must strengthen the beauty in our world, and transform the minds and actions of those who justify the destruction of life, whether it’s in the Ukraine, Palestine or Chicago.

May you have a peaceful and beautiful weekend, and may that peace and beauty extend throughout our whole world.

Today’s contemplation:

How do you find balance between the needs of the broader world against your own needs for beauty and abundance?


6 thoughts on “Can we enchant the world into peace?”

  1. Lovely sensitive post Karen, I hope your little dog is getting better.. Its amazing how our little animals get great health care from our Vets.. and how lucky we are in being able to provide for them that care too..
    I agree whole heartedly with you that many humans around the world do not get the healthcare they need…
    And yes my heart is going out to all the places around the world at the moment which are in conflict and those mourning the loss of a loved one.. The airline disaster over the skies of the Ukraine for one.. So much heart ache..

    I constantly pray for solutions to bring about World Peace..

    Great Post Karen..


  2. Yes, it is a difficult balance. In my own life, I have decided that there are some things that I cannot change, and i try to not worry too much about those things – by worry I mean actively participate in negative conversations, thoughts and media. I just don’t believe that sending more negativity into an already negative situation will change it except for the worse, and from personal experience, I know that it definitely makes my life a whole lot worse. However, it doesn’t mean that I am not aware of the things that are happening, and when things happen in a realm that i can’t change, positive thoughts, energy and prayers are probably the only things that will help. I do what i can to make the world a better place and I dearly hope that is enough.


    1. I can resonate with what you’re saying. I actually avoid watching the news quite a bit of the time, because it can get so negative, and there is only so much we can do with our life and time. i also believe that it’s good to enjoy our lives and treasure our world. To me, it’s a balancing act of helping others and helping myself, my family and community.
      Thanks for your comments. Insightful as always!


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