Make the most of your adventures

Make the most of your adventures

Along the Seine with my mom on a cool Paris evening
Along the Seine with my mom on a cool Paris evening

So many times after we complete an adventure whether it’s a vacation, finishing a big project, or some kind of successful ending, there is a time of feeling a bit bummed out.

We went from idea to plan to completion, and now what?

My advice goes along with one of my recent French phrases for the day:

Profitez-en bien!

In English – Make the most of it!

It seems to me that a lot of us don’t take the time to savor our adventures in life.

In today’s modern world, we can feel pushed to go out and create something new and start the adventure making process again before we have the time to really appreciate our efforts to create something beautiful.

Life is always moving on, but are there are times when we can extend the feelings of satisfaction we have from having an enchanting adventure.

More of Monet's Gardens in Giverny
More of Monet’s Gardens in Giverny

This is one of the key teachings in Hardwiring Happiness, The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence by Rick Hanson. He talks about absorbing the good in our positive experiences:

Whatever methods you use to absorb an experience, try to have the willingness, even the courage, to be changed, to grow, to become a little different as a result.

If you have been following me on Facebook, I am still posting pictures of my recent vacation and enjoying the contentment from a beautiful adventure.  I want to post many more of them on my blog, I am afraid my blog writing has been suffering a bit in the last few months.

In the first six months of this year, I completed two major adventures, am still continuing with a few longer-term projects and began a few new ones.

One completion was the marvelous trip to Europe, and the other was helping one of my very favorite clients of all time, Marvin Klein, to finish another book, this book was You Can Blame it On Mike!  I want to devote a separate post to his book to do his work justice.

The Eiffel Tower on a beautiful sunny day in Paris
The Eiffel Tower on a beautiful sunny day in Paris

Both adventures were fantastic because I was changed for the positive by both of them. My views of the world were expanded in the most enjoyable ways.

If we want to be happy in our lives, we need to make the most of our adventures, even when they are not pleasant.  My dog continues to be sick, my tween and teenage sons are challenging at times, and of course all manner of other problems, big and small, crop up.

So, I’m trying to take lessons that I’ve learned from traveling and coaching into the rest of my life.  For the rest of the summer, I’d like to share those insights with you, as well as hear the ways you find ways to absorb positive experiences.

Today’s Contemplation:

How have your recent adventures changed you for the better?

Paris as seen from the Eiffel Tower
Paris as seen from the Eiffel Tower
The view of Paris from the tower was amazing!
The view of Paris from the tower was amazing!


10 thoughts on “Make the most of your adventures

  1. I never thought of myself as the adventure type but with recent traveling over the past 5 years as a nurse chaperone and now with my husband
    I have encountered so many new and exciting experiences it has been amazing! The pictures are great memories and will forever be a part of your life. I am happy your family was able to experience that adventure!


    1. I think of myself as a wandering homebody. I love being at home in my cozy space, but I have always also had a desire to see as much of the world as I can. It sounds like you have had a wonderful time traveling. Thanks for commenting!


  2. I would love to see Paris some day, and it is still on my list, but I travel for work around the states and can never get myself to go anywhere when I have time off. I enjoy being home and relaxing too much. I did spend the month of March working out west. Escaped the Chicago winter for a while and even considered moving to the west coast – I’m sick of winter. But that trip helped me appreciate Chicago more, too, and I’m glad to be staying put. However, I say that now. If next winter ends up being similar to the last one, I may be kicking myself for not moving on. 🙂


  3. I’m late! I know! What great shots of Paris. Profitez-en bien! Indeed. I especially love the one of your mother with the Seine backdrop. The lighting is so pretty! What did you think of Monet’s gardens? Lovely post. Et BRAVO on your two major adventures! As always, thanks for the inspiration! ~Theadora


    1. The Monet gardens were beautiful, though a bit crowded for my liking. My mom particularly enjoyed them. It is quite something to be able to see the inspiration for some of my favorite paintings. Paris was beautiful of course. Thank you so much for stopping by today!


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