Do you care about preserving and restoring water resources?

welcome to Eureka SpringsFor many years, I have cared about what’s happening to water resources locally and around the world.  I know that water preservation and restoration will become more and more important in years to come, especially with climate change impacts.  We will have to worry about water,water everywhere without a drop to drink, as Coleridge might say.

Yet, with all my concern, I hadn’t really found the right project to do anything about this big area of concern in sustainability until now.

Since earlier this year, I have been working with Dr. Lisa Wipplinger, the Executive Director of the National Water Center, in Eureka Springs Arkansas.  Our focus has been to to expand upon the center’s over twenty years of experience in providing education, community resources, technical solutions, and cultivating a deep reverence for water.

In their first ever Gratitude Festival from November 9-11, the National Water Center will give a glimpse into a number of programs that they will be offering in 2015.

The three-day festival is shaping up to be a beautiful event with three primary focus areas for each day of the event:

  1. Healing with Water – November 9
  2. Downstream Living – November 10
  3. Aesthetics of Green living – November 11

There will be presenters from around the country as well local experts speaking at each day of the event.

The center chose a great director in Dr. Wipplinger, who also has years of experience in developing what she calls savvy structures. Her background in engineering and education bring a whole systems approach to the next phase of services at the National Water Center. It’s  exciting to be connected to implement some of the newest ideas and trends in water sustainability.

I am honored to be leading two workshops at the festival, one on downstream living, and another on something I call the Sustaining Story Advantage, which will take place on the third day of the event.

Both workshop names may need some explanation.  :).

Downstream Living is an idea that has been around for quite a while, and the intention is for individuals and communities to pay attention to the effects that our actions have on water resources beyond our community.

The Sustaining Story Advantage is a process that I will be teaching in 2015 on how to focus your time and energy that help you to care for yourself and the world in a more deeply satisfying way.  I’m putting the finishing touches on the Sustaining Story Advantage workbook , and I’ll be talking more about that later this month in this blog and elsewhere.

Eureka Springs Tree Cottage

If any of you will be in or around Eureka Springs in early November, I hope you will consider attending this event. Eureka Springs is a beautiful place to restore yourself and perhaps, in this case, learn something new and inspiring too!

To reserve tickets for this event or donate to this wonderful organization, please check out the National Water Center, Gratitude Festival.   If you can’t attend, please consider donating, even a small amount, to support the center’s programs and workshops for 2015.

One thought on “Do you care about preserving and restoring water resources?”

  1. What a fantastic Project.. Water is our life. Wonderful to hold a Gratitude Festival.. In my home Village we hold Well Dressings.. where we Dress up the Spring wells with flowers in picture form… If you Google Derbyshire Well Dressings UK.. on Images you will see what I mean. 🙂
    Kudos to you Karen


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