Moving into Autumn

Moving into Autumn

2014 boys in soccer gearEven though autumn started several weeks ago, it seems like I’m just accepting that summer is over as soccer season comes to an end.  In many ways September, even though it was chilly at times, was filled with a lot of summer like activities.

With my two boys in soccer at different schools, there were weeks last month when I was attending 8 soccer games a week.  It was crazy, soccer mom time all of September.

We were also replacing our backyard fence, painting our deck, and trying to get ready for what looks like another rough winter ahead.

Then came a trip up to Kalamazoo for a wedding last weekend.  My mom and I had a chance to stop by the Lake Michigan shoreline in a few places in Michigan on the way up and back.

Just want to share a few pictures of our recent adventures and activities.

You can see some of our new cedar fence in the background
You can see some of our new cedar fence in the background
Windmill in Hickory Corners Michigan
Windmill in Hickory Corners Michigan
mom at buffalo harbor 2014
Mom near Buffalo Harbor by Lake Michigan
restoring the shoreline 2014
The wedding we attended was at a bird sanctuary in Hickory Corners, Michigan
gulls along Lake Michigan
gulls on a beautiful sunny day along Lake Michigan
carriage house where we stayed oct 2014
carriage house where Mom and I stayed for the Beckman October wedding 2014

Hope you are all having a wonderful October!