Angeles Arrien

Leigh at Not Just Sassy on the Inside shared a beautiful blog on Angeles Arrien. I recommend clicking on the tribute to Angeles Arrien in addition to watching the video on this page. Arrien’s three questions from Spinoza and three actions of the blessing are perfect.

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

I belatedly learned last night of Angeles Arriens’ death last spring and was so sorry to hear it.  I only encountered her once, when she stepped in to replace a teacher who cancelled out from teaching at Nine Gates during my Session 1 experience.  That one time had a big impact.

It was the only time she ever taught at Nine Gates and I was so grateful to have been there.  In those days we were able to get tapes of the whole Nine Gates experience.  Over the next five or six years I listened to the tapes of Angeles’ segment a number of times.  A few things she taught have been touchstones for me ever since.

I’ve written about my favorite teaching previously so I’ll give the short version here.  If you can only see love when it’s expressed YOUR way, you may miss all kinds of love that…

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