Driving to Eureka Springs Arkansas Tomorrow!

Driving to Eureka Springs Arkansas Tomorrow!

welcome to Eureka SpringsI’m going on what I hope will be an enchanting adventure tomorrow, as I head off for the Aqua Terra Gratitude Festival from the National Water Center in Eureka Springs.

I hope to soon have many pictures and experiences to blog about with you.

My blogs have been few and far between lately because I have been so busy working and developing my business website.

I developed a free five day course on the site, which you might like to try out.  In the course, I teach how to look more deeply at the stories in our life, beyond the linear stories we tend to notice, and develop something I call the Sustaining Story Advantage to better focus our time and talents.  If you check it out, let me know what you think of it. I will be teaching a workshop next Tuesday on this topic.

When I return, I hope to catch up with many of your blogs that I haven’t had much chance to visit lately.

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful autumn (or spring in the southern hemisphere), and are off on your own adventures!

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