Getting Ready for the New Year by Remembering This Year’s Adventures

Getting Ready for the New Year by Remembering This Year’s Adventures

cropped-20140617_151005.jpgOne of the ways that I am getting ready for the new year is by celebrating all the beautiful adventures that I’ve created and had come my way this year.

Probably the most enchanting adventure was our trip to Europe over the summer.  We saw so many beautiful and exciting places, creating memories that I believe will last a life time.

My youngest son and I were talking last night about sometimes the most annoying aspects of a trip, can be the funniest when you look back at your experiences.

My mom and kids remind me how I forced them to go the Louvre about an hour after we arrived at our hotel in Paris.  Everyone was exhausted except me.  My mom rested on a bench while my kids and I found the Mona Lisa and took in some of the other beautiful sculptures and works of art in that lovely place.

20140616_122101The Louvre was only a couple of blocks from our hotel, but they felt it was like a million miles, because they all wanted to just sleep.  These are the same kids who told me that they wouldn’t get jet lag.

I finally got around to creating a gallery on this blog, several months after the trip, showing a few of our highlights from our European Adventure.  There are so many more pictures that I plan to add to that gallery.

My oldest son wasn’t all that keen on the trip to Europe, but I can tell the trip had an effect on him.  Mostly, he mentions every so often, you can’t get croissants in America like we had every day in Paris.  He needs to get back to London again too.

Both of my kids actually hated our hotel in Paris, though I loved it.  Our rooms had old French furnishings from one of the King Louis.  The kids felt the room was inhabited by ghosts, not friendly ones, but like the strange ones in the movie The Shining.  Yet, both of my kids want to go back to Paris some day.

Spaghetti Ice Cream in Herrenberg Germany
Spaghetti Ice Cream in Herrenberg Germany

My kids also loved the Alps, the spaghetti ice cream we had with our friends in Germany, and little details that come back every so often.

They actually like to tell the story of how I underestimated the distanced from the hotel in Salzburg to the Sound of Music Bus tour, and how we all had to run to get there.  My kids thought that I was a terrible person for pushing everyone so hard to get there.  They thought I was going to kill my mother.

I think they enjoyed seeing seeing the sculptures outside of the Red Bull headquarters in Austria more than the Sound of Music Bus tour.

It seemed like we were drinking Red Bull at times to see everything that we saw.

Eureka Springs
Eureka Springs

I’m so glad that we went on this once in a lifetime trip.  There were many other adventures as well, like getting a new fence, a new back door, a new sump pump.  Not all of these were fun adventures, but good to do ones.

It was so much fun to travel to Eureka Springs in November for the Aqua Terra Gratitude Festival hosted by the National Water Center.

I had wonderful adventures with several of my clients in this last year.  I’m also planning for new enchanting adventures in 2015.

I’m hoping to go to a sustainability conference in Seattle in the spring of 2015, and maybe travel with my mom and kids to Canada next summer.  A lot of things are still coming together.  My Legacy Builder Program begins in January 2015, three of the five slots are already filled, which is great.  This is a new program where I’ll be combining individual and group coaching with business leaders who are people that I deeply admire and are doing some great work in the world.  Most of what I do with clients is help them to tell the story of their life and business more effectively through marketing, books, videos, etc.  If you know anyone who would benefit from some coaching, or if you would just like to learn more about the idea of working with your sustaining stories you can take a look at my business site.  I created a free five day course to get people thinking about the types of stories that we live, and how they work together.

I feel very blessed to have experienced all the enchanting adventures that I did this last year, and feel optimistic about the year to come.

Hope you had some wonderful adventures this year, and have some plans for new ones in 2015.  I have a feeling that 2015 will be a great year for a lot more people than the last few years have been.

Today’s contemplation:

What were your favorite adventures in 2014?  Do you have any new adventures that you are planning for 2015?