Happy 85th Birthday to Mom!

Happy 85th Birthday to Mom!

mom in San DiegoIt’s been quite a year so far, and those of you following my Facebook pages have seen more of it than my WordPress friends.

Helping my mother move from San Antonio to Chicago to live with my kids and me in Aurora Illinois has been an almost full time job since March.

We gave ourselves a bit of a present, with a trip to San Diego and L.A. in the first week of June.   It was also quite a pleasure for me to see my teacher, Dr. Barbara DeAngelis for the first time in over five years.  She’s as transformative and inspirational as ever.  I will save a discussion of my work with her for another post. I can’t recommend highly enough her new book, Soul Shifts.  It has been soooooo incredibly helpful to me during the last several months of change and upheaval.

Attending Barbara’s Breakthrough weekend event was so powerfully healing for me, and I highly recommend attending one of her events to everyone I know.

Life finally feels like it’s finding a new rhthym for my family, with perfect timing as today is the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere.

I have found for a long time that the summer and winter solstices are great times to assess how life is going and make changes. I LOVE to make intentions at these seasonal shifts.  I believe there is some energetic power that bolsters our intentions at these times.

Since my family has been doing nothing but changing for the last six months, my intention is that the time between now and the next solstice will be a time to honor our new normal, and find ways to focus on expansion rather than contraction, and work on a different kind of transformation as described in the book Soul Shifts that I mentioned earlier.

I am deeply grateful to continue in a new phase of my enchanting adventures with my mother, where perhaps we need each other in different ways than ever before.

I intend to bring more of my soul into everything that I do between now and the end of the year, including writing posts on WordPress.

Blessings to you all, and happy father’s day to all of you wonderful fathers out there!