Do You Protect Your Energy?

20150606_194440Earlier this summer, I participated in Breakthrough with Dr. Barbara De Angelis, the author of Soul Shifts. I was one of Barbara’s students several years ago, and it was a joy to see her again.

Barbara has such a profound and unique way of helping people to transform.  She helps people to shift their vibration. It’s amazing to see soul shifts in action while working with her. By the last day, most people’s faces are visibly glowing and feel fantastic.

I had felt some trepidation about coming to see Barbara again, worrying that I hadn’t transformed enough in the intervening years of my work with her.  I was happy to realize that my soul has been shifting significantly, even though my outer world has changed in what I see as mostly subtle changes.  The most significant shift has probably been in understanding humility and confidence in a different way.  Barbara told me that she could see that I was a sponge soaking up her wisdom.  That wasn’t always the case in the past.  It felt so good to be in Barbara’s presence again, and feel my energy re-calibrated.

That experience with Barbara inspired me to return to coaching this fall, because I realized that I have some wisdom and insights that I ought to be sharing.  I particularly felt called to work with people on something she discussed, which is protecting your energy.  I can’t teach what she teaches, but I have my own unique approach to transformation, mostly based on work with innovative business leaders.

One of my offerings this fall is a simple retreat followed by a virtual course on How to Protect Your Energy and Dreams in a Sometimes Cruel World.  On September 20th, I will be having a live retreat, mostly for former clients and friends.  There will be a free virtual retreat on September 23rd, which you can sign up for on the same page as the live retreat.  Simply, type your name in the contact form provided and say you want to attend the free virtual retreat.

I am offering these retreats around the time of the autumnal equinox, to coincide with a natural cyclical transformation point. We’re going to be discussing some practical techniques for protecting your time and energy including resource maps, sustaining story wheels and 12 week seasonal action plans.  For those who are interested, there will be a six-week virtual course following the retreats, beginning on September 28th.  I’ll be sharing more about that in future posts.

Between now and September 20th, I’m going to be offering ideas  about how to tune into the energy of the seasons and your own energy, and why you might want to protect your energy.

This is a topic I have seen many people struggling with over the years of my work.  I hope you will enjoy my thoughts and suggestions on how to move through the rest of the summer in the northern hemisphere.  Many of these ideas still apply if you’re going through a cold winter (for my southern hemisphere friends).

Today’s contemplation:

Are you enjoying the energy of this season?  If not, what might you do to tap into the joy of this season?



13 thoughts on “Do You Protect Your Energy?”

  1. I kinda feel unsure of what to do most of the time. What to focus on, whats important. It’s not bad, but not good either.


    1. Aaron,

      My experience is that when I feel like you do, it can be a sign that I’m not protecting my energy enough. When we don’t protect ourselves from negative energies, ideas and practices of other people, it can dilute our sense of well-being, and our clarity. You might find some of my ideas and practices in the next few weeks to be helpful.

      From what I’ve seen you write, I get the sense that you are a caring person who gives a lot to others, and you may need to learn how to receive kind and healing energy as well as give it out.


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    1. Thanks Marvin. I am glad you like this. I have been on a hiatus for a while from coaching. It seems like it’s about time that I get back to it. I am going to be sharing writing tips on my writing your destiny site once a week as well as doing a weekly post here. So, you’ll be seeing more of my stuff in the weeks and months to come!


  2. This is very exciting, Karen. I remember Barbara De Angelis very, very well from the days she was a popular host in the Los Angeles radio market. I was a “regular” and have thought of her a lot since then. I wish you well as you return to coaching and I think that what you’re tapping into with honoring the shifts and the seasons and learning from those cycles, resonates well with me. I am keenly aware that my resilience in life is tied to my capacity, and observing how my energy is either expended or protected is key to all of that. I’m still considering what it means to me personally, so I really appreciate this post. You’ve set me to thinking. 🙂 And I hope your mom is doing well? That she could travel with you in June was a very good sign. ox


    1. Debra, you might like Barbara’s new book. I found Soul Shifts to be full of helpful reminders from my work with her, and expanded with new material as well.

      My mom is doing well. She came with me to my 35th high add school reunion last weekend, and has passed her first round of physical therapy with shining colors. She is starting up with cardio rehab soon. We have been very busy getting her settled into life in Illinois. It’s time consuming, but we’re making progress every day towards a new normal!


  3. Lovely to know your energy vibration has been gathering momentum in the interim years of working with Barbara.. 🙂 And I am looking forward to reading more of your posts upon this theme of vibration.. Protecting our energy is often forgotten in Dream time especially.. I have over the last month had very disturbing dreams…

    Lovely to catch up again with you Karen.. xxx Hugs Sue


    1. Thanks Sue. It is interesting that you should mention dreams, because I generally don’t have disturbing dreams anymore, probably because of my work with shifting my energy. I do also think sometimes we can have prophetic or intuitive dreams that can be disturbing. Here’s hoping that you will have refreshing and ease-filled dreams.

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      1. Thank you Karen.. I have been dreaming of floods water pouring in everywhere but I am often always back in my old village where I grew up in when this occurs… Maybe still some emotions buried way back then 🙂


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