How do you respect your personal energy?

How do you respect your personal energy?

cropped-20140617_151005.jpgHave you ever had to make a change in your life to be safe?

Many of us have had times in my life when something in our life literally wasn’t safe and we had to move to safety. I still remember very clearly the time a tornado flew over our home when I was young, and the feeling of being huddled in a corner of our basement, and wondering if we were going to make it through.

There are times when we feel just as unsafe as when we are in true life and death danger. We get into these situations sometimes because we don’t always respect what we need to do to honor our personal energy. We put ourselves in careers, relationships, and/or lifestyles that destroy our energy a little every day.  Sometimes we have to deal with environments that are not of our own choosing, but we’re not doing everything we could to keep our energy safe.

The good news is that if you routinely put yourself into situations that are disrespectful to your energy, you have the ability to change.  Sometimes quickly!

The challenge we face is that a situation that is good for one person’s energy might be detrimental to yours.

Some people thrive in competitive, demanding environments.

Some people thrive in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

And sometimes we need to change up our life experiences to something new.

Have you taken an energy inventory where you look at the factors in your life that are supporting your energy and the ones that are damaging it?  This is something we need to do from time to time.  Our situation in life can change incrementally, and without noticing it, we put ourselves into situations that disrespect our personal energy.

One quick way to do an energy inventory is to simply ask yourself:

  1. How does the work I do respect my personal energy?
  2. How do my relationships respect my personal energy?
  3. How does my self care regime respect my personal energy?

Every quarter, I am offering a free virtual call for an energy tune-up as the seasons change. These calls are scheduled around the equinoxes and solstices because they are natural times of change

The theme for the September 23rd call on the equinox is Protecting Your Energy in a Sometimes Cruel World.  Anyone who signs up for the call will receive an energy inventory worksheet to support our time together. If you would like a quick energy adjustment this September, please join us by registering here .

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