Creative Cycles and Your Energy

Creative Cycles and Your Energy

Whew, September is almost here! This year has been moving quickly.

In September, I’m offering two retreats with the theme of protecting your energy.  The first retreat on September 20th, is an opportunity to meet with me in person, and discuss how we get stuck living other people’s agendas and how we can take practical steps to live our dreams and purpose more fully by protecting our energy.  This may sound a bit depressing, but really it creates a big energy boost by the time we’re finished.

The second retreat is a virtual one on the same topic, where we will have a free, focused one hour energy re-alignment on the equinox, September 23rd, at 1pm CST.
For those of you who have signed up for either retreat, I’ll be sending our instructions on how to prepare for the retreat, this time of year, and the energy inventory form.

Whether you are concerned with protecting your energy or not, September is a great time to look at how your energy is affected by where you are in your creative cycle.  You might not think of yourself as a creative person, but if you’re like most people, you have a creative cycle.

When I talk about having a creative cycle, I mean that you go through a series of different phases or experiences that differ as you create some new aspect of your life.

Martha Beck talks about transformative cycles in her book, Following Your Own North Star, which she noticed described her work with clients.  She talks about four basic stages of transformation, that I invariably name incorrectly. In my memory, they are (1) death/rebirth, (2) dreaming/scheming, (3) work like a dog, (4) the promised land.  Check out her book to get the exact names.

From my experience in product development, program development, coaching and writing, I would define the Creative Cycle similarly.

  1. Birth of an idea or dream of a new creation
  2. Acting upon the Dream – First Steps
  3. Realization of the Dream – Part One
  4. Working with the Reality of the Dream
  5. Failing/Revising the Dream to Fit with Reality
  6. Accepting the New Creation
  7. Refining the New Creation
  8. Maintaining, Enjoying and Profiting from the New Creation
  9. Death, Loss or Obsolescence of the Creation
  10. Rebirth of a New Dream of Creation

With each of these stages of phases in the Creative Cycle, we need to protect our energy in different ways.

Of course, we can be dealing with multiple Creative Cycles with different parts of our lives.  For instance, you may be starting a family, and in the midst of a very successful maintenance time in your business.  Or mourning the loss of an important person in your life and working with the reality of one of your other dreams in life.

Each of our personal creative cycles affects our energy.

One idea, I’d like to offer you today is that our health, well-being and ability to live fully requires that we find a way to be steady with our personal energy, wherever we are in our personal cycles.

Our personal Creative Cycle(s) require that we protect our energy differently at different times.

If this sounds logical, it is.

However, do we give ourselves permission to protect our energy differently?

A lot of times the answer is no, because we sometimes don’t notice or want to admit that we have transitioned into a new phase of our life.  And we don’t want to acknowledge our power to influence the creative cycle.

I will be covering how to work with creative cycles in both September retreats, obviously in more detail in the longer retreat on September 20th.  At the end of the month, I’ll share more about an online course I’ve created to work with understanding creative cycles and caring for your personal energy.

This week, I’d love to know if you have a strategy for protecting your energy differently, depending on where you are at with your creative cycles.

As always, thank you for reading!

P.S. If you would like to sign up for either retreat, I’d love to spend some time with you!