What Type of Year Do You Dream 2016 will be?

What Type of Year Do You Dream 2016 will be?

My personal dream for 2016 is to enjoy the adventures that this year offers, with gratitude for good times of the past.  In a year full of challenges, my family was lucky to visit California last summer.

As we remember a great man tomorrow, Martin Luther King, who shared such a beautiful expansive dream  of unity with us, I want to encourage you to make 2016 a year in which you start or keep pursuing your highest dreams.

We’re well into the first month of 2016, and it feels so different than 2015 for us. Sadly by this time last year, our little dog Ginger had died.

This year, I am happy to report that we have adopted a new dog from a local animal shelter.  Our new dog Olivia is such a blessing for our whole family, including our dog Sonny who seemed lonely much of last year.  I wasn’t really ready for a new dog until last December.

Does this year feel any different to you than last year?

2016 feels different already in some major ways. It feels different globally, with signs of both hope and big transitions underway.

I am hoping the new diplomatic agreements with Iran lead to greater peace. The Chinese stock market is rattling markets around the world including our own.  A new president will be chosen this year in America.  The Paris Climate Change talks hopefully made a difference. Much change is in the air.

My mom moved in with me in May after her stroke and heart attack.  Shortly after that time, we visited my uncle Mel.  So glad we saw him then.  It meant so much for my mom to see her only brother who later died in December of last year.

Personally, 2015 was such a deeply challenging year, full of loss for my family, which made me reconsider almost every aspect of my life.

For my family, 2016 feels calmer.  It feels like a year of living a new normal.

I intend to get back to blogging in 2016, that writing practice really fell off last year.

Today, I wrote a series of posts for this week to reconnect with those of you blogging friends who may be wondering what’s been up in my life, and also to offer some perspective on questions that most of us face at some point in our life.

No matter what transpired for you last year, may this year be a fresh start for you.  May you remember that life passes by so quickly, so don’t wait to let the ones you love know how much they mean to you.  If you know someone is ill or declining in health, and you can somehow make the time to connect with them, do it.

May 2016 be everything you need this year to be!

Today’s contemplation:

Do you have hopes and dreams for what type of year 2016 will be?

6 thoughts on “What Type of Year Do You Dream 2016 will be?

  1. I’m so glad you’re able to find the time to blog again, Karen. You must really be ready for a change as the new year gets going. Your mother’s stroke and heart attack was such a scary time, and I do remember when you were hoping against hope that Ginger would survive. It sounds like you’ve pushed the re-set button and will just start over! I haven’t felt a profound difference in the year so far, but it’s early yet! 🙂 Welcome back, Karen.

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    1. Thanks Debra, it’s good to be back. I have one more post about what I learned from last year, and then it’s full steam ahead into a fresh start. You’re right I did have to hit a reset button to keep moving forward.
      It’s great when your life is on a roll, hope this year is a great one for you!


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