2017 Adventures Begin


Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year! My family will be celebrating this tonight. My sons are currently at a math competition.

On Sunday, my son Alex and I go on our first traveling adventure this year. We’re flying to Arizona State to check out their engineering and honors program.  He’s been accepted there into both the engineering and Barrett Honors College. I am impressed that the honors college is paying for his airfare. It’s nice to have a college want you.

Choosing where he will attend college is going to be tough.  He’s been accepted at Purdue and University of Arizona, and waiting on one other school to get back to him. Purdue has a better engineering school ranking and our visit there last year was impressive, but Alex really loves the state of Arizona.  I studied engineering at University of Illinois, so I have some ideas on what ASU needs to have for it to be a good choice for him academically.  ASU is ranked #1 in the country for being innovative, so I’m interested to see what that actually means too!

The weather in Illinois has been so gloomy in January that I can’t wait to go to
Arizona.  I’m hoping to see the sun again.

For me, the political situation in the United States couldn’t be gloomier. I will do what I can to change and protest the policies that I believe are against the public good.  I will also practice visualizing the type of national cohesion and shared goals that I wish we had.

As for my adventures in work, I continue to develop creative projects, including an exciting new project with my dear friend Marvin Klein to create a new another book to come out later this year.  It is so much fun to collaborate on a writing project.  Hope to be sharing more information about that work here, by the end of this spring.

While the world can be gloomy for many reasons, each of us has the opportunity to view our adventures as enchanting ones.  Nationally, I believe America is entering a treacherous time in our ongoing national narrative, where drama and conflict are heightened.  This doesn’t mean that we should give up our humor and kindness. We have been through these times before, and probably will again. I hope that we will emerge a more compassionate, tolerant, just, and creative nation.

May the Chinese year of the rooster be a good one for us all!

5 thoughts on “2017 Adventures Begin”

  1. I think we’re dividing into people who want to participate in political bickering, and people who will refuse to. I’ve personally checked out from the news and can’t stand to hear it anymore. Congrats on your son, it really sounds like he can’t make the wrong decision because they’re all good choices. My brother lives in Arizona because he likes warm weather, but he hasn’t been happy with it lately. ( although I haven’t looked into it, it might just be where he’s at that getting crappy weather)

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    1. I think you’re right about the political discussions. I don’t know if I like it, but it feels important to me to discuss it on Facebook because I care about the environment and human rights, which are deeply affected by politics. So, don’t look at my Facebook page. 🙂 But I do respect people who need to tune it all out.

      My son is in good shape now for college. I’m much less worried about that now. I was super consumed with worry for him when he was applying last fall.

      I like Arizona, it’s beautiful. But it is very hot and dry. It will be fun to visit tomorrow.


      1. If I remember correctly they also reputation for graphic design, it’s been forever ago I took a couple of their classes online, but I wasn’t prepared for how tough a college class was so I didn’t continue for a long time.

        I just tell people who want to talk to me about politics that I love them and support them in whatever they’re so moved to fight for, but to leave me out of it. I haven’t looked at you Facebook lately so no worries, I care about those issues also, I try to take responsibility for myself when it’s the environment.

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  2. i’m smiling to your strategies to find
    joy and well being behind the clouds, Karen.
    AZ was a nice place for me to live much of my life.
    although i was in the mtns, high desert and only one
    year in the valley. the weather would be warmer than Ill 🙂
    wishing you and loved ones a happy
    Chinese New Year with yummy noodles and earth cakes 🙂

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  3. it is a very sad time in our nation right now, but I have confidence in our resilience and expect we will go forward with determination to fight back when injustice is metered out from the highest level of our government. And I’m so pleased to hear that your son is considering ASU. It is a very good school. I have a granddaughter in the engineering program. She’s interested in medical technology and has a very rigorous program but loves it and loves the school. A warmer winter climate would be nice, too. 🙂 It’s an exciting time in a student’s life. Enjoy!


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