Enchanting the World Together

20170417_130133The world is a very enchanting place, a marvelous wondrous playground.

The picture above shows my Mom and kids in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen in the  Spring of 2017.  Every year we try to see some new part of our country or the world. We been so fortunate to see many beautiful places together.  The focus of Our Enchanting Adventure, is to share travel memories and tips that I’ve learned from our countless family adventures.

Many of our first family trips were to San Antonio, Texas where my Mom lived until 2015.  That year she had a heart attack and stroke and moved up to Illinois to recuperate with me.  We made the choice that she would keep traveling as long as she could, and  and as you can see, she is traveling the world with us.

I’ve seen enough of the world to know that there are many places on our planet that are very much in need of more enchantment.

If you would like to learn about how we might restore ourselves and this beautiful planet, take a look at my site at Restorative Pause.

May you enchant the world with your presence, and explore all that is still enchanting in our world with your family, your friends or on your own!

Karen Wan

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  1. Thanks Eliz, so happy to have you stop by. My family and I are off on an adventure today to Europe. Nice to hear from you right before the trip!


  2. Thanks John. I appreciate what you’re doing your blog, and am now following your blog, because on the whole I’m more liberal than not. 🙂 Have a great day!


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